5 Makeup Trends To Look For For 2021

Keep these trends on your radar.

Last year, we really saw a shift in beauty with a focus on skincare and being more selective with makeup. Beauty Expert & Makeup Artist, Shobana Lakkavally is sharing what 2021 makeup trends we’ll see – and how we can achieve them!

The beauty of 2021 is that we’re seeing ourselves again, it’s like an awakening. We are embracing our skin au natural, adding things that make us happy, like colour.


Trend #1: Juicy natural glowing fresh skin

Swap out powders for creams like cream blushes for a flush look, i.e. Ilia Blush/Lip Duo. Swap in illuminators gives skin an overall dewy look. If you need some coverage opt for foundations with skincare properties – more options in the category of skincare + makeup hybrids.

Tip: Use a facial mist during the day to keep your skin hydrated and dewy. These facial mists are great for layering in or amping up existing skincare products but not replacing skincare.


Trend #2: Fluffy, Big Brows

Eyebrow slits are in but if you don’t want a repeat of the 90s Big Fluffy Brows then these are for you! Seeing the hair is key. Whether you use powder or pencil as a base, use a pen to add texture, dimension and a wispy, natural look, i.e. Urban Decay Brow Pen. Laminate your brows or use a brow gel to keep them perked up maximizing the real estate.

Tip: Brow lamination is basically a perm for your brows. The setting lotion helps brow hair stay brushed up, straight and lifted upward creating beautiful brows with your own hairs.


Trend #3: Joyful Makeup – Lots of Color

Lots of colours in mascaras, eye shadows, liners, lips. People get scared of colour on the eye but you can apply it in a foolproof safe way by contouring your crease and keeping the colour to your lid or wearing colour in eyeliner. Eyeshadow sticks are your best friend for colour pay off and ease of use.

Tip: Take baby steps and begin with softer colours like a plum instead of a bright purple.


Trend #4: Smoldering Eyes

The feline flick is back! Use a gel pencil and brush for ease of application like Makeup By Mario Pencils that come with a brush. Go for an overall smokey eye. It’s so easy.


Trend #5: Brown Lips

Reds are always in and the best accessory. If you are an 80’s girl, bright pin lips are predicated for a comeback. My fave is the brown lips that are making a comeback and they are universally flattering. Rather than using a super dark liner, opt for a flesh tone that you can slightly overdraw your lips with and make bigger.

Tip: Avoid browns that are too grey and will wash you out.

This is the year to see your self again, embrace your skin and truly find joy in makeup and colour versus using it look more ‘beautiful’ or a societal ideology of pretty!

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