5 Must-Have Car Products To Prepare You For Winter Driving

Be prepared for anything that comes your way.

Whether you get stuck in a whiteout or your car breaks down, we should all be ready for anything this winter across Canada. Auto Expert Stephanie Henry is sharing tips on what every driver should have in their car in case of emergency.

 Snow Joe 4-in-1 Telescoping Snow Broom and Ice Scraper, $46.36 on Amazon

To purchase this product, click here.

You can get as basic as having a snow brush in your car or step it up a little bit by adding this bad boy to your arsenal! Flying snow and ice can be dangerous, this Snow Joe 4-in-1 Snow Broom and Ice Scraper is a multipurpose tool. It has a wide base to push heavy wet snow off your vehicle and works for both cars and SUVs – especially because it has a 30-49 inch auto-locking pole. It also lights up! Making pushing snow off your car in the dark much easier and less scary. This LED light also acts as an emergency blinker.


Rain-X De-Icer Windshield Washer Fluid, $28.06 from Amazon

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This one is the most basic thing everyone should have in their car, Windshield Washer Fluid. It’s winter so this one works for up to -25 Farenheight OR -31 Celcius!


72HOURS Auto Roadside Emergency Kit, $69.99 on Amazon

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If you have a newer vehicle, you can typically find a spare tire and tools to be able to deal with a flat but there are some things that your car doesn’t come with.

An emergency kit and everyone should have one! This one is filled with things that can help get you out of a sticky situation! You can literally use everything including the bag which is reflective, and some of the main things this bag has? Jumper cables, a first aid kit, an emergency blanket to prevent hypothermia, a safety vest, and more.


AUTOXRUN Recovery Tracks Traction Mat, $69.99 from Amazon

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If there is one thing that we all get stuck in, it’s slippery snow or ice, the AutoRun Recovery Traction Mat can help with that. They’re sturdy, quite heavy, and the intention is to give you traction where you likely have lost it. It works for snow, sand and mud. Put them under your tires and go!


Emergency Food 

To purchase this product, click here.

To purchase this product, click here.

To purchase this product, click here.

Imagine how hungry you’ll get stuck out on the roads for a long time! If you’re going on a road trip, you should have snacks anyway, it’s the key to a successful road trip but if you don’t non-perishable food items work best! You can never go wrong with granola bars and if you travel with kids often, a snack for them couldn’t hurt as well! Pack something like Nature Valley Trail Mix Fruit and Nut Chewy Granola Bars, Welch’s Fruit Snacks, Mixed Fruits, or Patience Fruit & Co Organic Fruit Blend: Bursting Blend.

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