How Colour Choice In Design Can Affect Your Emotions

Influence your demeanour through the colour of your home décor.

We may not notice it – but entering any physical environment has an effect on us physically and psychologically. Benjamin Moore Paint Expert Sharon Grech is breaking down which colours ease anxiety – while other hues aggravate it!

Anything from the scale, pattern, contrast, scent and even the sound can leave us with a sense of irritability or well-being.

The 6 main colours of the rainbow:

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple



This colour is cheerful and happy and tends to remind us of positive things like the sunlight or the golden sand (make sure to choose the correct shade, if it’s too intense it can be hard to live with).



This is the most balanced hue, in fact, it’s Mother Nature’s neutral. It can be either warm or cool depending on how much blue or yellow influence it has. Green promotes relaxation and helps us de-stress.



This is the most stimulating colour, it’s very intense & attention-grabbing. It stimulates our appetite, conversations and apparently even our heart-rate. Not the best colour to surround yourself in these days, but if it’s a happy colour for you, bring in small doses like on the ceiling, accent walls, and furniture.

Ombre painting on display

While we’re on red, let’s talk about pink. Colour psych is based on the extremes of colour. Take red and go to the lightest tint: pink, the characteristics are quite different. Pink is softer and conjures up feelings of care and nurturing. Hot pink is more closely related to red and the intensity of emotion….so when picking a red tone, consider the chroma and the intensity of colour and you can tone any of these emotions down or dial them up!



For most of us, blue makes us think of the sky:  calm and serene. It’s a very stable, secure colour and is favoured by more people than any other hue. Physiologically blue has the opposite effect to red – it calms our heart rate and our appetites!



This colour is a very social, active colour – it’s enthusiastic, upbeat, and playful.



This colour encourages creative thinking. Historically it related to royalty and luxury. When pale it can be very tranquil and popular in bedrooms like lavender.

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