Here's How To Choose The Perfect Pair Of Leggings

If you're not #TeamLeggings, you're about to be.

Say it with us: leggings are more than just an alternative to sweatpants.

Leggings are an easy piece to dress especially in the winter! Boots fit over them. Thick socks slide over them. They’re the perfect pairing piece to a chunky sweater. Stylist Janice Meredith explains how to find the perfect pair for you.

What we need to know when choosing the right pair of leggings

Note the different between leggings and tights. Tights are hosiery. Leggings fall on the pant side of bottoms. Whether they are workout leggings or fashion leggings, they are in place of a pair of pants. Therefore, they need to function as that.

A must for cold winters – fleece lined legging. There is nothing worse than heading outside only to realize your legs are freezing!

To purchase this pair, click here.

To purchase this pair, click here.

Check the opacity of each and every pair by doing the fist test! Stretch the fabric with your fist before even trying them on.  You wouldn’t want to buy a pair you liked even for everyday fashion if there is any see-through going on. Make sure you test out every pair – move, bend, push your fist through them. Every pair! Otherwise they are tights which again is a hosiery.

How your leggings are cut is also very important. A nice wide waist band for comfort. Thick to cover all imperfections! A thin waist band will roll or fold over when you are working out or just moving! Most now have a high waist which in Janice’s opinion is a must. Not only to keep in place but also to help you feel secure when doing high impact workouts. Where the cut of the leg fits you is important to pay attention to.  Don’t pick a pair that scrunch up under your knees.

The crotch seam – do not go with simply one centre seam – there should be a separate gusset!! Comfort for all!  Some pairs even come with built in underwear – again, not moving or showing seams.

Activity specific details. For example, a pair that are for running may have a zippered pocket at the lower back. So when you’re working out and lay down, the zippers dig in!

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Fabric is key: it needs to wick. Lighter colours will show your sweat marks sooner and if your fabric choice doesn’t provide any wicking. Look for Lycra to help with stretch and shape. When lycra is woven it helps the leggings keep their shape. Lululemon recently expanded their sizing and goes up to size 20. There are also various lengths. To view their selection of products, click here.

Lastly, there is the benefit of compression to aid with muscle recovery and lower muscle soreness through increased blood circulation. This pair from Melmira has ridges on the inside to promote blood circulation.

To purchase this pair, click here.

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Hi! What brand were the leggings that you were wearing on the show? the liquid leather leggings….they looked beautiful and comfortable. I have yet to find liquid leather leggings, so I’d really appreciate it if you could share where your found yours and if you find them true to size and comfortable :).

thank you!

February 22, 2021 at 8:51 pm

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