6 Indoor And Outdoor Activities Your Toddler Will Love

Keep your toddlers busy this winter (inside and outside) with these fun and simple activities.

With pandemic rules still in place, we will be spending winter at home and with our families instead of down south and in the sun. If you have toddlers, how can you make sure they stay entertained and you don’t go crazy? Here are a few options for both indoor and outdoor fun!


Building Blocks (Duplo)

Kids can spend hours playing with Duplo. It’s versatile, creative and stimulates imagination. You can make anything happen with these blocks.

Sensory Bins 

Kids love exploring new items that promote using their five senses, fine motor skills and creativity   There are lots of options here- plastic bins with water, bubble bath and plastic dinosaurs; or rice and pine cones, bells, etc.

Dress Up

Encouraging kids to use their imagination through dress up is a great way to spend the days. My kids have a dress up bin and spend hours pretending to be dinosaurs, firefighters and superheroes. My son will only answer when being referred to as ‘Super Jamie.’

Obstacle Course

Indoors, you can set up an obstacle course that involves jumping, hopping, crawling, you can use cushions, blankets to create a course for your little one.

Mixed race baby girl crawling through a cardboard box in the sitting room at home, her father is holding the box up for her and her sister is in the background.



Scavenger Hunt

Create a list of thing you want to look for outside: birds, a wreath, a pine tree, a squirrel. Go for a walk outside and look for everything on your list.

Build a snow fort

…or a snow man or a snow castle. You and your little one can create your own outdoor domain. Whether it’s a big hill or a moat or well engineered fort, there are so many options with snow! Once you finally get their gear on, this can last 5 minutes or an hour.