How To Achieve A 'Cozy Cool' Vibe At Home

Feel cool - while keeping warm.

While it might be chilly outside, home décor can be used to make you feel toasty. Design Duo Colin and Justin give us tips on being ‘Cozy Cool’ – staying warm while looking hip.

1. Use cool key pieces

Standout homes are stylish homes, so choose items that make a memorable statement, and dress them to impress.  Look at your sofa – is it Insta-worthy?

2. Follow the lead from your wardrobe

In the same way you add layers of knitted scarves and sweaters to your apparel offering, so too should your décor follow suit, especially with things that you touch, such as great knitted throws and cushions.  So go on: layer up to add colour and texture whilst banishing the cold.

A view of Jonathan Adler's living room

3. Add rewarding natural materials

From layered textural rugs to leather crafted storage boxes and bowls – using a palette of well made, artisanal style objects has become the preserve of luxury aspirants everywhere.  Nowadays, simplicity is strength and the true shapely beauty of objects can be truly celebrated.  Be inspired – take pride in seeking out objects and accessories with heart…

4. Choose warming colours and patterns

From warming yellows, through to reds and browns, the colour palette you choose will affect perceived room temperature, so choose wisely.  Opt for classic outdoor patterns – like cable knits and plaids to really hit home a warming, apple pie quality to your home style.

Harvest Floral 4-Piece Napkin Set

5. Use ‘second date’ lighting

From a flickering candle to a diffused table lamp, optimal lighting can transform your home into a cozy haven in which to relax and recline.  Avoid glaring lamps and opt for low levels that make everything look sexy and mysterious.  We call it 2nd date lighting – you looked drop dead gorgeous for your inaugural get together… but you’ve gotta look similarly inviting for that follow up dinner, even though you’ve already met.  And soft ‘flattering’ lighting is your best friend…