4 Pandemic Fitness and Wellness Trends To Follow In 2021

The pandemic has changed the face of health: who could have predicted last year that home workout equipment would completely sell out!

The pandemic has changed the face of health: who could have predicted last year that home workout equipment would completely sell out!  Here’s a look at this year’s trends to help you make the most of your wellness goals.  

Trend #1: New Technology

The future is now! If you use technology to help you get motivated or stay on track, there are some cool new tools out there.  Devices making it to market right now can help us evaluate how we are doing with our workouts. Canadian company Curv Health has developed an app to help you perfect your technique. Simply take a video of yourself doing the exercise, and Curv Health will analyze your form!

Another tool that can be very helpful is the Whoop band, which monitors your body’s functions and provides suggestions based on your unique biology to optimize performance, recovery and sleep. It’s also lightweight, waterproof, and has a crazy battery life!

Of course, we cannot forget the Apple watch.  It seems to get more sophisticated by the month with advanced health features that will even evaluate our cardiac rhythms.  This trend is great for some people and it can really help with motivation if you are into the numbers of what you are doing.  Not everyone likes this type of evaluation, but technology is a crucial part of fitness right now, and will only continue to get more sophisticated.

Trend #2: Home Workouts

We’ve discovered that we can build our own home gyms that work just fine without tons of fancy equipment.  Be it basements, hallways or bedroom corners, people everywhere have co-opted different parts of the house to get in their daily burn. While people will likely return to in-person gyms eventually, it’s always nice to know that the home gym is there if you need it.

The expensive gear isn’t for everyone, but even if your “workout space” is just a mat on the floor, the home workout has exploded. We now have thousands of options for live streaming or on-demand workouts. Whether it’s Peleton, YouTube or Instagram Live Workouts, there’s something for every niche and fitness level. Many celebrity designed fitness platforms such as Chris Hemsworth’s “Centr” are also taking off.

Trend #3: Better Nutrition

Lots of us learned the hard way this year that we need to organize some healthy snacks to avoid constantly reaching for the cookies. Instead of opting for sugary foods that will leave you feeling hungry in half an hour, opt for protein-packed options. Protein balls with cocoa power are a great substitute that still have that sweet taste.

Another often-overlooked tip is to keep hydrated throughout the day, especially after a workout. You can make water a bit more fun by adding lemon, cucumber or flavour crystals.

We hope this trend sticks around. Not only is it healthier for us, it’s also less expensive and better for the environment!

Trend #4: Home Wellness

With the isolation and uncertainty of this year, our stress levels have never been higher. Fortunately, this has lead to a lot of people making their mental well-being a priority. Bathrooms have been converted into spa-like environments, spare bedrooms have been renovated into meditation spaces and many people have started taking “time out” for their mental health.

Virtual wellness platforms like Head Space and Calm have really taken off as people try to ease the stress of day-to-day life. Hopefully, this trend of putting our mental health first will carry into the new year – and beyond!