Cityline Staff Picks | Our Best-Loved Pandemic Personal Care Buys

It's been a year where self care has been oh-so-crucial, and many of us are discovering products we didn't know we needed. We've rounded up the best finds of the year - plus, why we love them so much.

It’s been a year where self care has been oh-so-crucial – and many of us are discovering products we didn’t know we needed. The Cityline staff are rounding up their fave finds of the year, and why they love them so much.

Tracy (Host) | Tofa Facial Sponge ($10)

Sometimes a quality product is all it takes to brighten up your day. Tracy’s pick is an exfoliating sponge that she describes as a luxurious facial that you can give yourself every day. It’s cheap, it’s portable and it’s a daily dose of bliss!

Fiona (Producer) | Amopé Electronic Foot File ($35)

If you want some nice, smooth heels, producer Fiona has the solution. In her words, this foot file is like “a belt sander for your feet”. It’s super simple and intuitive to use, and ever so satisfying.

April (Producer) | KISS Glue-On Nails ($6-$9)

Beautiful nails that can be applied in under 10 minutes? Yes please! These glue-on nails will make you look expensive – for cheap. Not only do these nails come in a variety of colours and styles, they also last over two weeks! Producer April is obsessed.

Mary (Producer) | The Lazy Girl Facial ($20 and $60)

Okay, technically this is two products, but it’s part of a two-step process that producer Mary has dubbed “The Lazy Girl Facial”. Part one is a deep clean with the Wonder Cloth to remove all makeup and grime from your face – using just water. We aren’t kidding, there’s no chemicals needed. When you’re done, you can just throw the cloth in laundry!

Part two is where the luxury comes in. This small but mighty cleansing massager from Foreo is gentle but effective. It fits in the palm of your hand and lets you use the cleanser of your choice. Unlike other vibration-based cleansing brushes, this has little silicone knobs and is good for up to 100 uses.

JC (Assistant Producer) | Nexxus Hair Scrub ($17 and $13)

Producer JC’s obsession is this scrub for product-laden hair. If you’re like the majority, showering has become more of a suggestion over the last year than a non-negotiable. Using this scrub will help you dodge the worst of the oiliness and product buildup in this scenario. As a bonus, this scalp massaging brush can make the process far more enjoyable and cleansing.


Talia (Digital Content Creator) | Brazilian Bum Bum Cream ($60)

Digital Content Creator Talia has been using this cream since summer 2020 – and can’t stop. Not only do the salted caramel, pistachio and vanilla scents instantly transport you to the tropics, but the cream is a great tool to combat the skin dryness many of us are experiencing right now. Plus, it aids in tightening and smoothing the look of your skin!

Cassandra (Digital Content Producer) | Perifit Kegel Exerciser ($179)

Lots of us haven’t been reaching our fitness goals this year, and with good reason! There’s no reason not to keep your vagina in excellent shape though! Cassandra gets a Perifit workout in at least 3 times a week – more dedication than many of us have ever shown to a workout plan. The device is connected to an app and there are games to guide you through rigorous pelvic floor exercises. She  only started on Perifit about a month ago but the process has been fun and seamless so far.

Julia (Digital Content Intern) | Bath and Body Work Black Chamomile Lotion ($23)

It’s a simple one for sure, but Julia loves this aromatherapy lotion from Bath and Body Works. It’s great for achy shoulders and feet, or as a hand lotion during these cold months. Plus, it has a soothing and sweet scent that is a great sleep aid!