How To Give Your Face A Full Winter Detox

Spring is just around the corner, but the effects of winter are lingering on our skin.

Spring is just around the corner, but the effects of winter are lingering on our skin. Beauty Expert Anne Zimmermann shows you how to conquer those problem areas and recurring issues so that you’re ready to put your best face forward when spring blooms.

Reduce Redness

Cold weather can cause redness, sensitivity and inflammation. This is a super common problem, with 50% of people saying they’ve had sensitive skin at some point. This sensitivity can be temporary or chronic, and is most times related to cold weather, heat, irritants or wind.

Switching up your face wash by using an oil cleanser can replenish the skin, reducing feelings of tightness. Cleansers like the Avene Trixera A Nutrition Cleanser are great for revitalizing skin. Adding a soothing hydrating serum like Calm-R can also help to reduce irritation. To further hydrate skin, try switching to a richer moisturizer, like Olay Ultra Rich. Finally, for more long term management, try out a weekly mask to wrap the skin in a protective layer. The Avene Tolerance Extreme mask is great.

Liven Up Your Eyes

A lot of people find their eyes look more tired in the winter, mostly due to winter fatigue. An eye cream with caffeine can do wonders to really wake up the eyes, go figure! Monat Eye Smooth is our pick for livening up eyes. If you get halfway through the day and feel like you look tired, a roll-on anti-fatigue like this one from Klorane can help give you a midday boost. Lastly, eye patches can be the secret to cooling and relaxing your eye area. Alumier MD has a great set to really sooth the eyes. Simply press to the eye area and hold for a less puffy look.

Try Some Face Yoga

You heard us right; you can do yoga with your face! Face yoga can help with eye puffiness and can strengthen your facial muscles. If you’re still struggling with inflammation after ward, try applying a cold spoon to inflamed areas.

Revive Dull Skin

Lots of us find our skin looking a bit lackluster during the chillier months. Luckily, there are plenty of solutions to this. A 7 day home glycolic peel treatment can have amazing result. This one from LA SPA helps to exfoliate, plump, moisturize and even out skin tone. Another route you can take is to use vitamin C to reduce the signs of aging. Alumier Ever Active has vitamin C and E to create a visible difference. During the winter months is the perfect time to do this kind of treatment, as glycolic acids and vitamin C make the face more sensitive to the sun.

Beat Chapped Lips

The universal issue is no more! You can banish chapped lips forever with a cold cream lip butter from Avene, which you can keep in your nightstand. Apply a bit at night for a repairing effect while you’re sleeping. There are also pencil lip balms, like this one from The Care Principle that can be used during the day while on the go.

Hopefully these tips will help you revitalize your face after this long winter! Check out the products mentioned in this article:

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