Where To Begin When Purchasing Antique And Vintage Products

Adding a few vintage pieces to your space can give your home some soul and character. Here's what to look for.

Adding a few vintage pieces to your space can give your home some soul and character. Interior Designer Brian Gluckstein shares what to look for.

To start, let’s talk about how to look for vintage décor online. It’s good to start by researching the eras that you love and the style of pieces you’re looking for. For instance, 30s artdeco is very different from 90s wicker, but both are technically “vintage”. Do you research and decide what era and degree of formality you’re going for.

Where to Look

Once you’ve established the style you like, it’s time to shop! Right now, that means online, but definitely isn’t confined to major online retailers. Tapping into social media can be your best bet while searching for vintage pieces. Local Instagram accounts like Elle and Eve consignment in Toronto have great options. Global websites like 1st Dibs or Pamono also have vintage and consignment pieces that you can order online.

Customizing your Purchase

If you’re not in love with your purchase as it is, make it your own! Reupholstering, painting or replacing components of your décor can be a great project while also adding to the “vintage value” of your item. Change around aspects of your purchase to make it fit best with your space.

Non-Furniture Vintage

If you’re perfectly content with the furniture in your home, there are plenty of other ways to get a vintage feel. Lighting can add a beautiful touch and warmth to a room, and older pieces often have unique craftmanship and high quality. You could also add an antique chest. Chests are very versatile in use and can be placed anywhere, from bedrooms to entrances to libraries. They look interesting when contrasted with modern art. Finally, accessories are a great finishing touch if you’ve got the base of your décor down. The pieces that you choose can really give a place the personality of it’s owner!

Happy hunting, and be sure to let us know if you find anything interesting!