3 Of The Hottest Spring 2021 Hair Trends

If you're looking for some spring hair inspiration, we've got you covered!

If you’re looking for some spring hair inspiration, look no further! We’re here to talk about some of the biggest trends, the styles and shapes, that you will be seeing on the streets and on your feeds this season.

Trend 1: The Curtain Bang 

This on is by far the hottest trend of the season! This look is a great way to frame your face without the commitment of a straight across bang. They’re also great to help soften your look, while still highlighting certain features like eyes and cheek bones. The best part of this look is that there’s no difficulty involved in growing them out, since they’re cut in a way that allows them to grow seamlessly and transition into layers!  

Trend 2: Curls

Curls continue to be a big trend, and you can use your curler in different ways to achieve the effect you want. A curl with a loose, fun texture is great for someone who wants some curl, but not necessarily the extreme pop and volume of some curls. If you want a bit more pop in the curl, you can give a little twist at the top of the hair before wrapping the hair around the barrel of the iron. This technique works great for people who already have a bit of volume in their hair.

Trend 3: The Mullet 

Yes, we’re serious, the mullet is a really hot trend for this spring-summer season. Before you rush to the salon though, here’s what you should know. Mullets are great because they can be altered to work for any texture of hair. It can be an easy wash-and-wear look, which can be really wonderful for keeping your summer laid back. This is for the more bold among us, as an edgy and fashion forward statement haircut.