5 Productivity Apps That Are Worth Downloading

From finance to video editing, here's 5 of our favourite free apps.

We’re spending more time on our devices than ever before. So, from finance to video editing, here’s a roundup of five of the best apps to boost productivity, presented by Tech Expert Winston Sih:

#1: WolframAlpha


This study-oriented app is like Wikipedia, but for math and science! It focuses on STEM subjects, and helps students figure out anything from algebra to questions about the universe! It’s well supported for iOS and Android, so if your kids are struggling with school, this might come in handy.


#2: Cisco WebEx

Webex Icon

If you’re like so many of us on video calls all day, this next app might help you collaborate better and combat video fatigue. WebEx is a free video conferencing app that lets you host up to 100 people on the free plan. You can customize your layout with fun features like interactive whiteboarding to keep participants engaged, and use virtual backgrounds, reactions, polls and screen sharing to encourage communication and collaboration. This one also works well for both iOS and Android, with secure end-to-end encryption available.


#3: DoubleTake

It seems like everyone has become a video editor, but if you don’t want to learn a heavy computer program, this app lets you shoot and edit video on your phone. This app sports awesome camera visualization, easy focus and exposure controls, and the ability to share to social media or save to your device. This app only works for iOS, generations Xs/Xr and up, but it’s a good one!


#4: Mint

This is for people with finance constantly on their mind. Mint is a trusted app that’s secure and free. It lets you import your bank, savings and credit card accounts into one place, to give you a realistic picture of your spending. This app is excellent for budget tracking and helping you to meet your financial goals. It also works for both iOS and Android.


#5: Headspace

This app has really taken off this year. Geared around reducing anxiety and stress, headspace offers tips for your sleep patterns and mindset. It also offers guided meditations to help reduce anxiety and calm your though, and works for both iOS and Android.