5 Steps To Create The Perfect Easter Tablescape

Easter dinner won’t be the same this year, but it can still be meaningful, beautiful and fun!



Easter dinner won’t be the same this year, but it can still be meaningful, beautiful and fun! Sarah Gunn is here to show you how to achieve a picture-perfect Easter table in just five easy steps.

Step 1: Set the Scene

Tablecloths can be hard to find in the right size and at a good price. Be creative and use a large Turkish towel to create a small tablecloth or runner. They come in great patterns and colours and they are easy to wash. Just don’t use a dirty one. You can also use a tablecloth you already have to create a runner by folding it in thirds and draping it down the centre of your table.

Step 2: Front and Centre

A floral centrepiece is beautiful no matter the occasion. Going to your local florist can help you get a professional-looking bouquet for your table. If you’re in the GTA, Fiori Oakville is an award winning floral shop with a variety of gorgeous arrangements. A good idea is to bring your vase to the shop with you. Having it on hand helps make sure that you don’t buy too many, or not enough, blooms. Select flowers in a similar colour palette and one or two types of greenery. Use sharp clippers to cut the flowers and place them in room temperature water. Trim oasis to fit in the vase and soak it in water until fully saturated. Start with largest flowers, turning the vase as you go. If you remove a flower, don’t place it back in the same hole. Keep the arrangement below eye level, around 14 inches tall or less. 

As a bonus, you can pair this with a large rustic bowl of eggs to give it more of an Easter feel.

Step 3: Pretty in Pink

You want the full length of the table to be pretty. Adding candles and mini vases with more flowers is a good way to create a cohesive full-table look. Make sure your mini arrangements use flowers like the ones in your centrepiece.

Step 4: Setting in Place

Because the centre of the table is the focal point, keep the place setting simple. You can get basic white plates with festive trim at HomeSense. Pair them with white napkins for a clean spring feel. You can finish off the look with mini blue bowls to add a bit of colour. 

Step 5: Know Your Place

Instead of place cards, because let’s be honest, no one is coming to Easter dinner this year, it could be fun to pop an egg in each of the little bowls that describes your family members’ Easter personality. Some examples might be:  Funny Bunny, Practical Yolker, Good Egg, Reality Chick, or Eggshausted. You can get oversized eggs at the craft store and packs of letter stickers. Use them to spell out the words on each one. The great thing about this project is that you can easily remove them and do another project with these eggs next year. 

We hope you have a happy and safe Easter!

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