3 Trendy Accessories To Invest In This Spring

Keep these must-haves in clutch for spring.

Remember leaving the house? How about leaving the house with a bag? Recently, we’ve been noticing a trend out there… the disappearance of the purse! Where have they all gone? If you’re like man of us, your purses are all in the back of the closet, piled on top of each other and filled with random change and crumpled up tissues. 

Well, its time people. It’s time to bring back the purse. And Celebrity Stylist Kim Appelt is here to show us how and what’s trending for spring 2021.

If you want to freshen up your spring look but don’t want to break the bank, accessories are a fabulous way to look and feel great!

The Purse

Like we said, it’s time to bring this staple back. Since we really haven’t been going anywhere, we had temporarily lost our use for our most trusted companion! That said, with all the fun spring colours out there, a purse is a great way to make a casual white t-shirt and pants look new and hip. Nordstrom’s has purses in pink, yellow, green, hot pink and made of straw!

Here are some great trends to incorporate in your purses:

  • Candy Colours
  • Mesh
  • Extra-large totes
  • Bottle bags

Spring Jewelry

Regardless of your jewelry style, there is something for everyone this spring. Whether you like traditional or love the trends, there are plenty of pieces to put on and feel beautiful. Layering delicate pieces and adding some spring flowers is a great way to make your look seem fresh and fun! Pandora has a variety of options for everyone! (Here’s the Canadian website).

Some trends for this one are:

  • Bangles
  • Pearls
  • Long necklaces 
  • Floral pieces 

A few things to keep in mind when layering is to stick to 2-4 pieces, space them out, use the same metal, and add in different types of chains. Gems or pearls are also a good way to create visual interest.

This is a great little tool for layering! It’s simple for you to DIY your own mix-&-match of necklaces.

These little guys make slipping jewelry on and off simpler with the power of magnets!

Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are a really economical and easy way to update your look for spring. Now that you have found your new purse and a cute ring, let’s throw on a headband for the zoom call, or a quintessential 90’s claw clip for your lunch on the patio with your friends. A scrunchie on your wrist is great, just in case you need to tie your hair. Nordstrom’s is great for this trend as well!

Here are the trends for this one:

  • Headbands (braided, beaded and twisted are all good!)
  • Claw Clips (Mini, square or big)
  • Scrunchies 
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