How To Celebrate Ramadan At Home

Here's how to make Ramadan special this year.

Ramadan Mubarak.

In a few days ONE POINT SIX BILLION Muslims worldwide will celebrate Ramadan with fasting and prayer. Over the years, the celebrations and traditions have become increasingly unique. To share some of those traditions with us is Sudduf Wyne.

Sending “iftar baskets” is customary – iftar is the time we break our fast. For foods, dates (a food rooted in Islamic heritage), and other traditional foods such as samosas and pakoras. Laila’s Cheesecake in baklava flavour is a Ramadan favourite made by a Burlington resident who makes the best cheesecakes/jars and does special flavours for Ramadan. Also, local restaurants are hot spots for Muslims during Ramadan because they offer extended menus and hours – such as Masrawy Kitchen in Mississauga.

The most popular decor item for this Ramadan is the Ramadan countdown calendar. Think advent calendar, but with a Muslim twist. This one is from a Montreal business owner (Designed by Sanna) that looks like a masjid and has pockets for treats for each day of Ramadan.

There’s also Ramadan banners, a pop up masjid tent for kids (super hot for this year), and tons of moon and star shaped decor. What’s important about Ramadan decor is that even though stores like Party City now carry decor, it’s really important for us to support our own local small businesses that are Muslim owned and really understand the needs of our community.


This is a masjid shaped money bank from a small Muslim-owned businesses based in Ajax, Ontario. You or the kids could use this all year round or during the Ramadan and Eid season. Instead of big box stores trying to commercialize and capitalize this very spiritual month…whilst also not actually putting the money back into programs for Muslims, etc.

Personalized story books with Ramadan and Eid stories are very popular and unique! Sudduf co-wrote a personalized book this year with award winning author Na’ima B Robert so that’s going to be hot.

Little Hibba

(Click here to find out more about this personalized book)

Wish upon my story is a personalized children book brand for little Muslims that instill self-confidence and strengthen self-identity as a Muslim.

There is also a Ramadan Box that contains over 10 Muslim lifestyle items that is similar to a “Jilly Box” that is a super popular gift for women this year.

Blessed Ramadan Box

Other than that, there are some really fun toys that came out by Eastern Toybox.

Eastern Toybox Ramadan Kit 2021

Eastern Toybox also has a Kids Ramadan pajamas with colourful and fun Llama design by Imaan Explorers!

Llama (Ramadan) Pajamas

And a special message from Sudduf: “I’d love to emphasize the importance of supporting local brands and also celebrating the diversity of Muslims. We aren’t all brown or Arab, we don’t all wear a hijab on our heads…we certainly don’t all celebrate in the same way. The common thread is love – for God and His people. And we show love through food and gifts”