The Latest And Greatest In Patio Tech For Summer 2021

Stay connected, while soaking up the sunshine.

For those of you working from home, wouldn’t it be nice to join your next meeting from your backyard? Once the weather warms up, this is absolutely a possibility! We’ve got the scoop on the  latest in outdoor patio technology to keep you connected while you take in some sunshine. 


Let’s address the elephant in the room – you can’t exactly hop on a zoom call without an internet connection. Extending your internet from your house to your backyard is a must if you want to work outside.

Our pick to do the job is the Araknis Networks® 700-Series Outdoor Wireless Access Point. This device provides a reliable signal and a fast internet speed to computers and phones outdoors. Equipped with the latest AC wireless technology, this WAP offers faster network speeds than ever before, while high TX power ensures proper coverage throughout your install. It operates via concurrent radio interfaces, which enables automatic dual-band steering between 2.4 and 5 GHz bands for optimal performance. And since this WAP is IP55 rated, it can be placed outdoors without being compromised by rain, wind, or dust.  


For those of us that have furry friends, we may want to allow our pets to roam in and out of the house as they please. With a device like the Petsmart Electronic Door, you can control your pet’s access to your house while keeping others out. This electronic pet door lets you control the access of your pets. When set to automatic mode, only your pets wearing the SmartKey can pass through the door. As your pet enters the adjustable range of the Smart Door, it detects the SmartKey and unlocks automatically. The range is adjustable up to 3 feet. After your pet passes through the door, the door will lock automatically. Without a SmartKey, no other animals can pass through, so don’t worry about squirrels or other unwanted guests!

dog running


If you’re looking to catch up with your favourite shows in the sun, try an outdoor entertainment device like the Samsung Terrace. It’s IP55 Weather-Resistant rating delivers performance and protection from the outdoor elements including humidity, dust, and heat. It should be installed in a shady area, but after that, the world’s your oyster!


Good sound is crucial to many forms of entertainment, whether it’s music or movies! To get the best quality, we recommend SpeakerCraft. This speaker over-delivers on performance, providing high-quality outdoor sound that will impress even the most discerning listeners. They offer a wide variety to choose from, with two different outdoor landscape series of in-ground satellite speakers and subwoofers. They also have hanging cabinet speakers and hidden rock speakers, if you want to work your sound into your decor. Take the audio entertainment experience from patio to poolside and beyond with the powerful combination of all-weather audio options.