3 Expert Style Hacks To Get You Spring And Summer Ready

Up your style game this season with Janielle Mckoy's guide.

We’ve all stared at a closet full of clothes and said to ourselves “I have nothing to wear!”

As common as this experience is, in a lot of cases that phrase just isn’t true. I believe we do have something to wear but we don’t want to seem repetitive. That’s where style hacks come in and I’m gonna show all of you my favourite hacks that you probably already have in your closet.

The famous Maxi Dress – It’s comfortable and easy to put on. But this dress is also versatile!

To spice it up a bit we opened it up a bit at the top and bottom and added a pair of ripped boyfriend to this look to give it more a cool vibe. Look how fast we spiced up this look into something new.

*Style Tip!* Most of these tie maxi dresses come with their own belt, but go ahead and switch out the belt for another and transform that ordinary maxi into your own personal look.

Skirt and Sweater combo – if maxi dresses aren’t your thing and you wanna show some legs.

You’ve got a dress in the closet and want to wear it in the spring, but the sleeves may be a bit short for the winter to spring transition weather. That’s where a sweater comes in!

Look how fast this dress turned into a skirt and sweater combo. Also, to give a little figure at the waist, try adding a cute belt!

Monochromatic look – think it looks too matchy? Think again!

The trick is to mix textures and prints while staying to the colour palette. Also working with different shades of the colour!

Now if you wanted to spice up this outfit: button down that top a bit, pull it down just a bit to give a little shoulder moment and tie that top at the waist. A nice camisole under this shirt could totally work as well. Lastly, don’t forget to add some accessories like a cute scarf around your neck and we must not forget the sunnies!

At the end of the day, fashion is all about experimenting and having fun!

The people who have the best style are usually the ones who makes something out of nothing or revamps an old outfit into something fresh and new.

On my feet, we have these cute pumps from Dr. Liza shoes and Dr. Liza added a little style hack with her shoes by adding a loop at the back so that you can addition piece from Precious Threads By Abiola.