How To Effectively Pack Away Your Winter Gear

Give your winter gear the TLC it needs to keep everything in good condition for next year.

Warmer weather has officially arrived, meaning it’s time to trade your parka and gloves in for more spring-friendly looks. But before you pack away your all your winter gear, you should give them some TLC so they’re in great condition for next year. Here’s our quick-guide for doing just that!


We’ve searched for the warmest outerwear pieces, and we don’t want all that effort to go to waste! Our coats deserve some attention. If you haven’t spent much time outside this winter, you may be able to get away with just wiping down your coat with a damp cloth. If you’ve been out for lots of walks or been playing with the dog though, you may need something a bit more heavy duty. There are some coats that can go into the washing machine – front loading only – but those will be labelled as such. If this doesn’t work for you, don’t be afraid to let a professional handle it! Take it to a cleaner, but ask them how they will clean it without damaging the fabric or lessening the waterproof membrane. Once your coat is all clean, hang it in a ventilated closet and in a breathable garment bag.


Boots are definitely something that can easily be cleaned at home. First, give them a solid smacking outside to remove the dried dirt. Next, soak them in an inch of warm soapy water to loosen the dirt. You could also get right in and use a scrub brush with water to get them looking particularly clean. If you like your boots to look brand new when you put them away, pay a lot of attention to cleaning the treads. A soft brush is perfect to remove surface dirt, but salt stains may need something stronger. To get rid of salt stains, you can mix two parts water with one part vinegar, then use a cloth to rub the mixture on your boots. The vinegar will remove the mineral stains. If your boots are leather, make sure to re-moisturize them after cleaning. You can buy leather conditioner but hair conditioner from your shower works just as well. Just use a small drop and really work it in.


If you switch your purses from winter to summer, you’ll want to clean up your bag before storing it for the season. Winter bags should get a wipe down and conditioning, much like boots. Here’s the trick though: stuff it with old newspaper or tissue paper before you put it away. This helps bigger bags to keep their shape over the summer. You can actually use this trip for your boots, gloves and the hood of your coat as well!

Kid’s Gloves

This is a whole other beast than adult gloves. The smell and solidness of them alone is enough to phase even unflappable parents. To clean these, spot treat them and lay them out to dry. Don’t set them on a heating vent though, it can damage them. Sprinkle baking soda and cornstarch inside the gloves to eliminate odours. You can use the stuffing technique here before tucking these mitts away until fall.

We hope this guide helps you get your winter wardrobe all packed away, and that your be excited to pull out out your good-as-new clothing in the fall!