A Step-By-Step Lip Lining Tutorial

Here's how to tap into the new art of lip lining.

Imagine this. You’re putting the final touches on your makeup: you overline your lips before dabbing on a coat of gloss. No, it’s not 1998. It’s 2021 and you’re on trend! That’s right, lip liner has made a strong comeback, but it has evolved the same way all of the “makeup comeback” trends have. Here’s how to tap into the new art of lip lining.

There are three different uses for lip liner.

To Define The Lips

This is, of course, the most obvious function of lip liner. It’s an effect that can be done differently, however. Use liner after you’ve applied your lipstick for a more natural look that blends together. The liner will also glide more easily over your lips after you apply lipstick, making the line of your lips less harsh. You can add a gloss on top afterwards for a bit of shine, and you’ve got a nice, natural look. A great example of this technique is Lana Condor.

For the bolder among you, you can also line your lips first to create more depth and give you the perfect pout. Use a darker colour of liner to really get that three dimensional look. A really important tip for this technique is to start from the corners of your lips and draw up towards your cupid’s bow. This really helps to lift the face. The key to this technique is proper blending, using a lip brush to sweep the colour inwards, towards your mouth. Finally, apply your gloss or lipstick over top to create that defined, yet blended aesthetic. We’re in love with the way Lily Collins does this look.

To Use As A Primer

Did you know you can actually use liner as the base of a look? This requires filling in the entirety of the lips with liner, then applying lipstick. This is a great way to get your lipstick to stay polished all day, rather than having to frequently reapply, since the lipstick will adhere to the liner. If you’re going for this look, you’re going to want to use a liner colour that is similar to your natural lip colour. If you go too extreme with it, you can muddy the colour of the lipstick you put on top.

To Reshape Our Lips

Right now, “overdrawing” is all the rage. It’s a huge trend to draw outside your natural lip for a plumper pout. The key here if to focus on the middle of the lips, using your natural cupid’s bow as a reference, and extending up past the natural peaks of your lips. You want to make sure to keep the corners of your mouth relatively unchanged, so as to avoid an unintentional duckface. When you get to the middle of your lips, tuck them in a bit and only overdraw a little – it goes a long way! Finish this one up with a lighter-toned lipstick. The queen of overdrawn lips is of course, Kylie Jenner.

Let us know what type of lip you like to wear, and if these tips helped you!

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