These Gadgets Will Enhance Your Wine Experience

Here's everything you’ll need to crack open that bottle and enjoy!

Many of us know the feeling of unwinding at the end of the week with a nice bottle of wine.  Well there are a lot a fun gadgets available to enhance that experience – everything from chilling it to sipping it! Here’s everything you’ll need to crack open that bottle and enjoy!

Chill It

Forget to put that white wine in the fridge before dinner? Fret not, the Cooper Cooler is the latest in wine-chilling technology. It can thoroughly chill a bottle in just 6 minutes. It’s also super easy to use. Just add ice and water and let it do it’s magic. It’s also perfectly capable of chilling delicate wines with the “No Spin” option.

Open It

Whether you struggle to get that smooth open or are just looking for a classy addition to the home bar, there are options for opening your wine.  The Cuisinart Cordless Wine Opener is a sleek, stainless steel option that can open up to 80 corks in one charge, has one-touch operation, and comes with a 1 year warranty!

The Rabbit Automatic Electric Corkscrew is also a great option, and works on all types of corks, including plastics! It automatically ejects the cork from the corkscrew and also comes with a 1 year warranty!

Serve It

If you drink a lot of wines that are best when they breathe a little, you might benefit from an aeration device like the Aervana Essential, which is simple to use and works instantly. If cold wines are your jam, you can keep your drink in a wine cooler like this award-winning one from Huski. Huski guarantees no ice or condensation with this product, just 6 hours of perfectly chilled wine. For the mobile among you, try an insulated wine bottle. Hydro Flask makes a bottle that is double-insulated to keep flavour in, and the pro-grade stainless steel ensures that you won’t get an aftertaste of last week’s wine.

Preserve It 

If you don’t finish a bottle on one go, don’t let good wine go to waste! Instead use a sealer like this one from Rabbit, which fits any wine bottle, stores flavour for up to 2 weeks, and has a 10 year warranty!

Cheers, and we hope this coming weekend is as chill as a cooled wine.

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