5 Common Beauty Mistakes You're Probably Making

Plus, how to fix them.

Sometimes a little tweak to your beauty routine is all you need to help your skin thrive. We’re highlighting some common mistakes we make with our cosmetics and showing you how to fix them! 

Mistake #1 – Using an alcohol-heavy toner

Historically, toners have been alcohol-laden in an effort to dry out the skin, as oil was considered the enemy of skin for a long time. They should be used after cleansing but before a serum or moisturizer. To apply, you can either use a cotton pad and swipe it across the face after cleansing or pop it into your palm and pat it into the skin for a more gentle option.

Tip: Toners are not a replacement for cleansing the skin, so keep this as a separate step in your routine, after cleansing.

Recommended Products: Biossance Squalane + BHA Pore-Minimizing Toner

Mistake #2 – Applying under-eye concealer all over your face

The concealer you choose for underneath your eyes is probably going to be a touch too light, too peachy, too pink or too yellow for the spots on your face. Under-eye options can end up creating a target on your face instead of covering your blemishes.

Tip: Look for double-ended products that can offer your skin tone different options, meant for the different areas of the face.

Recommended Product: Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer Duo 

Mistake #3 – Mascara straight out of the tube

The reality of mascara is that the tube is filled with product, so when you pull the brush out, there’s a lot of product on it. This can lead to clumps and a big old mess you have to clean up, and stops you from being in control of the amount you’re applying.

Tip: Use a small piece of paper towel and dab off the excess product on the brush for a precise dose of mascara every time.

Recommended Product: L’Oreal Age Perfect Densifying Mascara

Mistake #4 – Applying body lotion on dry skin

It sounds right, doesn’t it? In reality however, applying body lotion to damp skin can help in a multitude of ways. Firstly, it traps the moisture on your damp skin, helping your skin keep some of the hydration from the shower. It also creates a barrier to further prevent that water loss and keep your skin moisturized in the longer term. Particularly on the face, layers of moisture can keep the skin hydrated, even while wearing products like foundation.

Tip: This applies to your hands too, so always keep hand cream next to the sink!

Recommended Product: Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Body and Hand Lotion

Mistake #5 – SPF only when it’s sunny

This one baffles us – it’s not as if the sun goes away when it’s not hot out! Even when it’s cloudy, the sun’s rays go through the clouds, certain rays go through glass, the sun can peek out on cloudy days from time to time. So please, wear sunscreen on exposed skin!

Tip: Every face and body is different, so be sure you use enough sunscreen and ensure you cover hidden areas – the back of the neck, top of the ears and don’t forget your hands!

Recommended Product: COOLA SPF options

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