3 Affordable Backyard Alternatives to Lumber

Here are some alternatives that will leave your backyard looking fabulous - and durable!

There is so much you can do to improve your yard and you don’t really need lumber to achieve it. Lumber prices are crazy and there is low stock, contractors Dave Kenney and Joey Fletcher show us some great alternatives that are much closer in price than ever before:

The Clubhouse decking: 

Decks are high in demand, but did you know you can get PVC decking instead of wood? The Clubhouse decking has a lot of advantages: 

  • Available in lots of beautiful colours
  • Low-maintenance
  • Made from recycled plastics
  • Able to send back cut-offs for recycling


The biggest advantage is that while lumber has a lifespan of 10-15 years if it is well maintained, PVC comes with a 25 year- lifetime warranty! Although the price point of PVC decking is higher, it is well worth it, especially since you don’t have to re-stain it every year! You can even use it to create really cool designs at PVC decking can be utilized to create a round deck with bending blankets.

Regal ideas railings: 

Regal Ideas railings are an aluminum railing that has a sleek design with many benefits:

  • No sanding or staining
  • Glass panels for maximum light exposure or pickets based on style preference.
  • Lighting built into the railing
  • Pricing vs lumber: wood railing $22/LF or $875 for 40’ vs. $46/LF or $1875 for 40’ with no staining every year!

Metal art screens: 

If you’re looking for a bit more privacy, you can invest in metal art privacy screens. We recommend Hideaway screens

  • These screens are powder coasted aluminum so they are made to last
  • These are DIY friendly because it’s only a 3-part system.
  • Great pricing
  • Best of all, there are a ton of designs to choose from.