A Stylist's Guide To Level Up Jeans And A T Shirt

Level up these wardrobe classics for a stylish spring.

Jeans and a white t-shirt are an easy uniform many of us already have in our closets, but can feel a little stale at times. Stylist Janice Meredith shares some easy ways to elevate this classic look.

There isn’t anything wrong with a good old faithful pair of jeans and your go to t-shirt. But there are some easy tweaks you can make within this simple combo to add some interest:

Changing the ‘fit

Tucking up into your bra is something to consider especially for a pair of high waisted jeans and an oversized shirt, you are eliminating the bulk that would have otherwise gone into your waist band so it’s a flattering hack if you don’t want your belly exposed.

A straight-leg jean in a light wash is great for Spring, but rolling the hem to play with length, trying a denim style with a wider leg or opting for some light distressing is a simple way to refresh your t-shirt and jean look as well.

Adding a blazer

Blazers are a strong go-to for a topper during this transitional weather. We’re quite familiar with the oversized men’s-style plaid blazer which absolutely still works but let’s try some other shapes for blazers.

A cropped blazer is a newer shape to embrace in jackets. It’s the perfect piece for showing off a scarf as a belt. Fully tuck in the t-shirt to have a cleaner line between jeans and jacket. Necklaces add some interest. Strappy sandals dress up the look and embrace the transition to Spring. A gathered clutch is fun and playful over a traditional handbag.

So many women have suit jackets as well in their closets, and we can easily play around with those. Switching to a black blazer but keeping the jeans on makes the blazer look less utilitarian. You can also switch up the type of belt used, for example a metal belt adds an interesting distraction. A men’s pocket square is the perfect size to tie a scarf around my neck and we can push up the suit jacket sleeves using an elastic to keep the arms up. Cute flats and a fold of the jean cuff will completely change the outfit. We can change the whole look from basic business to casual chic.



The cardigan has become a welcome staple in closets. Sexy shapes have replaced the staunchy old man vibe and now there are so many great options. Because most are knits means they bring great texture to the outfit and texture = interest!

The shape offers an unusual neckline that regular sweaters can’t provide; a deep V or jewelled buttons or even a statement shoulder. Also playing around with HOW the cardigan is buttoned mixes up the lines. You can have one button or all the buttons.

*For example, buttoning a cardigan all the way up does not require a belt as it would add some bulk to the waist band. But if we keep that bottom button undone, you can show off your belt with a hit of colour or print. A fun straw bag that screams summer and some easy slides would be a perfect addition to this outfit. Layered delicate necklaces also pair well with the shape and knit over a chunky necklace.

Dressing up your t-shirt and jeans on a cold Spring day

The best Spring topper is a trench coat! And it’s another great example of a fresh take on a classic item. You can pair your trench coat with a funky sneaker and then wrap a knit sweater as a scarf. A belt bag keeps as well keeps me hands free. This is the perfect running around outfit that is chic and not expected but still jeans and a white t-shirt

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