4 Ways To Have Fun In Your Backyard This Weekend

Travel plans may be on hold, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy this long weekend!

We’ve been spending yet another long weekend in lockdown…but don’t worry, Travel and Lifestyle Expert Natalie Preddie shares some fun ideas you can do with the family right in your backyard.

Pitch a tent in the backyard

Setting up a tent in the backyard is great because it’s a change of scenery from the norm, a different destination. You can even go inside if it rains- and use the indoor plumbing! When you are camping in a tent you can pretend that you are anywhere, if it’s warm, imagine the Caribbean.

Play outdoor games

Outdoor games are a great way to get the whole family active.  Set up a cornhole or a ladder ball game outside.  These are great games to play if your family has a competitive edge. For some even more active fun, create an obstacle course using objects around the house!


Go stargazing with the family! Print off a star map and point out constellations. This works best with a telescope, but can be done with the naked eye. Wrap yourselves up all cozy in sleeping bags and get ready to stargaze!

Bug and bird safari

This is a great way for kids to learn about the environment. Make a list of bugs to find, bring a magnifying glass and get hunting! Or similarly collect photos of birds to look for and bring a pair of binoculars.