6 Must-Haves For Your Next Family Movie Night

Make your next family movie night a smash hit.

Family fun night is moving outside with an outdoor movie night and Shoana Jensen has all the comforts of home…outdoors. Everything you need for a movie night is more comfortable than any theatre because of these suggestions.

The Screen: 

To start, the screen is extremely crucial for your next movie night. While a sheet hung up on the back of your house might do the trick, springing for a screen means a an optimal (and wrinkle free) viewing experience. This RCA 100″ Screen is great because it’s portable, you have the ability to place it anywhere you would like! You can hang it up or place it in the grass- it comes with pins to do so.  When you are done with your movie, you can even roll up the screen and store it in a portable bag.

A Projector:

The projector is so important. The Epson Home Cinema 1080p Projector is great because it allows so many inputs from your phone and laptop. It also features ports to suit older technology like DVD players and RCA cables. It’s super easy to set up and provides an amazing crisp colourful picture regardless of image size.


These wireless and waterproof Sonos speakers are great because they allow you to connect them to other Sono speakers you may have. When they are connected you can control them individually so each area can have the sound at a different level. Create your own surround sound experience!


A Comfy Seating Area:

Make your seating area comfy and cozy! You could even bring a piece of indoor furniture outside for movie night. There are no rules but to be comfy! This great seating area consists of items all from Homesense and it’s perfect because it’s got nice wide love seat, lots of room for everyone to enjoy.

A Retro Cooler:

If you’re all about the snacks, a cooler is the best idea for outdoor entertaining. Keep your drinks cool to save yourself trips inside to the fridge. This great vintage one pictured below is from Kitchen Stuff Plus is a beautiful colour that just works.

Bug Repellent:

Whether you are in the city, country or somewhere in between bugs are enough to ruin a great outdoor night. If you want to skip the smelly products opt for a device to keep the bugs away. The Thermacell mosquito repellents come in many different colours and varieties.