5 Things You Need For A DIY Grad Drive-By Party

Make this year's grad special, no matter how you're celebrating.

All of us have celebrated milestones pandemic style for the last year. With graduation coming for many we want to make sure they get that perfect celebration.

4 years of hard work needs to be celebrated and doing it during a pandemic is not ideal! As you know, having a pandemic birthday a little different than a pandemic graduation because you only graduate high school once! It’s a big milestone!

We are going to celebrate no matter what, and have got a few ideas to help you show your 2021 grad a lot of love and make the ‘drive by ‘ grad party cooler than ever!


The Toast

The toast is the most important part of graduation! Usually, you’d be out to dinner after the ceremony, and you’d take a moment to toast your child.

What’s fun and different about the drive by grad is that you get to toast over and over and over again. This will be a bit embarrassing for your grad but do fun for Mom and Dad.  Give your grad drive by a themed drink!

Easy Mocktails for your Grad

  • Berry Proud Mocktail
    • Berries of your choice
    • Sparkling water
    • Honey

This is what you call a zero waste mocktail!  Simply take any berries that are just about to go bad and blend them up. Then pour a little bit of the berry mixture into a glass full of ice. Afterwards add some bubbles with sparkling water and top it off with a dollop of fresh local honey!

Serve your mocktails in up-cycled glasses and jars for friends and family during the drive by. Your glasses and jars can even double as mementos from the special day!

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Popcorn Snack Station

Of course you need to have snacks for any occasion! A simple and delicious option is popcorn! To keep things eco-friendly and efficient you can have popcorn in brown paper lunch bags. These bags are cute, customizable, and easy to hand out. A fun idea to make the bags stand out is to print a stencil on them – ‘Thanks for Popping By – class of 2021 ‘

You can create the stencil online and then print on them on the biodegraded old school brown lunch bags.  Fill them with popcorn, and hand them out as people drive by!

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Mason Jar Cookies

Nothing beats a mason jar filled with home-made cookies. To satisfy the sweet-tooth craving you can have cookies to hand out at the drive by.

Nothing says they are one smart cookie like a jar filled with cookies!

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Family Involvement

The key to making the event special is to get the siblings and the whole family involved. You want to show your grad just how loved and proud everyone is of them.

Have the whole family blow up balloons to help you prepare for your party!

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