5 Designer Hacks To Style Your Balcony

Create your very own outdoor oasis.

If your outdoor space is limited to a particularly small balcony, don’t fret! Here are some amazing hacks to give you a luxurious balcony oasis.


To start, the first thing to do is add outdoor flooring to your balcony as most balconies usually have cold concrete flooring. This really transforms the small space and is super easy to do.  The norm is to go for a great outdoor rug, or you could use outdoor flooring tiles. The tiles used are IKEA Runnen tiles and all you have to do to install is snap them together!



For furniture you want to consider how you are going to use your space, and you also want to consider options that are suitable for all-seasons, can fold, stack and/or have storage. Duo-purposed furniture are great options to look out for. Create a feel to your space by using cushions, colour and seating. My tables and chairs are from Canadian Tire.

Another great item to have, is a balcony rail (pictured below, from Wayfair) that adds an extra surface for working outside or entertaining. And it’s super easy to store!


A garden is great to have, especially when you live in the city and have minimum greenery access! Stackable planters (available on Amazon) are great to put herbs and veggies in to create a vertical garden. If you want to grow larger plants but don’t have a green thumb, you can use faux plants! This gives a year-round greenery look. My plants are from Sheridan Nurseries.


Strip LED lights (available on Wayfair) are great because you can change the colour and control the lights via remote control. Other types of battery/solar powered lights work great too as they all add to the over balcony ambiance.


Create the feeling of a campfire with the Salton Electric S’mores Kit, is one that can be set up right on a patio table. Having an activity on your balcony creates a fun and welcoming atmosphere.