4 Weekly Wrist Exercises That Will Lower Your Risk Of Injury

Too much desk time? Wrist exercises increase flexibility and help lower the risk of injury.

If you sit at a computer all day, repeating the same motion such as typing at the keyboard and maneuvering the mouse this can lead to repetitive motion injuries or ailments like carpal tunnel syndrome.

The incidence of repetitive strain injuries has been increasing significantly over these long months in lockdown.  This repetitive strain that we put on our body can impact us in many different ways, but one area that we do not often think of is our wrists.

There are many painful types of tendinosis and tendonitis that can occur as a result of this type of overuse.  It’s also not just a grown up problem, as children especially during a pandemic where are they are indoors and connected to electronics, can experience discomfort from repetitive motion as well.  The most commonly affected area is our wrists and forearms.

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Wrist exercises to try:

1. Dynamic Wrist Rotations and Figure Eights

This exercise is a light warm up. Start by clasping your hands together and then do simple rotations, eventually work your way up to a figure-eight motion. Make sure when you are doing wrist exercises that you are gentle as they are small muscles that can be strained easily. Wrist-rotations are a perfect warm-up.

2. Full Arm Fist Opener 

Stretch your arms out, flex at the wrist, and then slowly bring it into a fist, bend the wrist, and rotate it all the way down. Some of these muscles are also used for rotation. We want to make sure to add rotation into the move. It’s lengthening, and strengthening!

3. Floor Wrist and Forearm Stretches

Spread your fingers out, and lean gently into your wrists. Push yourself forward. Pretend you’re working around a circle, so that you hit every muscle at every different angle. Make sure to be gentle!

This exercise works best with a yoga mat, for a high quality one click the image below.

4. The Most Fabulous Partner Hand And Wrist Stretch

You’ll need a partner for this one! Link your fingers into the hand, and open up your partners’ palm using your thumbs – stretching it through. Extend the wrist, but be gentle! This is preventative for carpel tunnel.

After your exercises, try this cream to prevent pain!


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