4 Popular 90s Denim Trends That Are Back In Style

The denim trend is only gaining momentum.

Stone washed, button fly, low rise flares with no back pockets…..oh how we miss 90s denim. Let’s switch up our outfits and get out of that work from home comfy attire, denim is making a statement! Fashion Expert Janice Meredith shows us stand out denim trends.

Coloured Denim

You’ve been hearing it for the past few seasons – the 90s are back! With that comes coloured denim!  It makes sense as an extension of all the pastels and sorbets we were seeing in our sweat sets through the winter. Now we can find that same colour palette in our denim. The biggest tip to wear these is to treat them like a normal pair of denim. Don’t treat them as special because they are lavender. Just start wearing them with other sorbet prints or even a classic white T. Even our footwear in the summer is so minimal in coverage, that’s an easy pairing too! Don’t worry about clashing or being too matchy-matchy – just wear the sorbet jeans and have fun with them!

We recommend the Straight High Ankle Jeans from H & M.

White Denim  

Swapping out for white jeans is an instant signal summer is here! But there are specific components to look for to ensure a flattering fit! A skinny style is great because a straight leg white you would typically find a denser more traditional denim. But the skinny cut means you are mixing fabric components. So, remember to look at the density of the fabric. Check to make sure it won’t thin or even stretch out run, which happens with the lesser quality.

Pictured above are the Rachel Skinny Jeans from Yoga Jeans, which are mid range price but great quality. They have their front pockets fake and sewn up so you don’t see that second layer of solid white showing through. That’s key!! Plus, this eliminates the constant concern of adding bulk to that area. Nothing screams inexpensive jeans more than a bunch up front pocket that doesn’t lay flat. Pair with a denim jacket for a summer mixed version of the Canadian Tuxedo!

Denim Dresses 

Dresses are a summer staple. Pictured is below a chic boho one, the asymmetrical denim dress from Zara. While it is denim, it’s a bit softer so flows and drapes nicely! The asymmetrical cut and the unfinished hem make it stand out. It’s great for many shapes because of the hem line – it’s not short nor is it a maxi! The collar is also a flattering for the face and cleavage which we finally get to expose a wee bit of in the summer! All great details that take a regular dress into a unique item in your closet. Super easy to wear and can be paired with a comfy slide or you could dress it up with heels.


These jeans below are the Casey from Pretty Little Rich Girl, which are made of recycling and organic cotton. Love the casual sexy chicness about them! In the summer, what better way than to play with lighter washes and distressing details. Also, a crocheted topper pairs well with the light-ness. Crochet is a big summer trend – again a nineties vibe and wearing a strappy kitten heel is a nice contrast to dress up the denim.