A 4 Step Tutorial For A Classic 90's Blowout

Pull off a look we haven't seen in years!

Let’s play a game of guess the decade! Listen carefully to your clues: Chain wallets, bleached tips, combat boots, slip dresses, bucket hats…Have you figured it out yet? It’s the 90s of course!

Believe it or not folks the 90’s is back in fashion in a big way. A 90’s blowout has volume and layers and movement in the way we haven’t seen for quite some time. Follow each step below to get the viral hair trend.

Step 1: On damp hair add a light styling gel or mousse at the roots

This will help to build the volume at the roots which is what will keep your hair full. Adding a little salt or texture spray to the mid lengths will give a little added grip or texture for an all-day hold.

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Step 2: Rough dry style your hair with either a blow-dryer and round brush, or a hairdryer brush 

This is a hairdryer brush. These have become increasingly popular again over the last few years and what’s great about them is that you aren’t sitting there pulling in one hand with a round brush and in the other hand holding the blow-dryer. Instead, it’s the idea of just pulling the hair with the brush itself as it dries. A hairdryer brush won’t give a professional finish to the hair, but in this case, we just need to dry the hair to be honest, because we we’re going to let the Velcro rollers do most of the heavy lifting.

If you don’t have a hairdryer brush you can always go traditional using a round brush and blow-dryer. A metal brush will actually give more volume to a blow-dry so if you like a metal brush, now is the time to use it over a boar bristle brush. Be gentle when using a metal brush as they can sometimes tear the hair.

Step 3:  Use Velcro rollers throughout the hair and set the hair 

Time to pull out those Velcro rollers we haven’t seen in ages!

Click the image below for a roller pack fit for all levels of curl!

Jason’s Tip: Roll all of the rollers under the hair. The great thing about rollers is that if you roll the rollers under, the hair can flip out or the hair can flip under any which way you want once you take them out. if you flip them upwards, they’ll only flip out. Also the top roller should go off the face so that it can go any direction once taken out

Next, once the hair has been set, spray a ‘thermal spray’ or a flexible hairspray all over the rollers and blast it with some heat of a blow-dryer. You just need a blast of heat for a few minutes. This will allow the cuticle to open up and take the shape of the rollers for when it sets.

Step 4: Let the hair cool and brush out hair

Let it all cool down for around 3-5 minutes and then take out the rollers. Here’s a great opportunity to brush the hair out with a big paddle brush which will also help to break up the lines between the rollers.

Once you’ve finished brushing out the hair, you’ll already be super excited by the voluminous blowout, but something that is a new technique would be to spray texture spray through the inside root area which will give all day added volume.

Position the hair the way you want and then finish with a finishing cream and hairspray for hold. Voila! You have the coolest 90s blowout, perfect for a walk down memory lane, or a first time go at it gen z style!

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