Loungewear Trends Taking Summer 2021 By Storm

Chill out this summer with these loungewear looks.

Who doesn’t love this warm weather that summer has to offer. And with warmer weather comes cool fashion trends! Loungewear was huge in the beginning of the pandemic because it was comfortable and our mood were just very blah. But now, loungewear is taking a turn for the better and getting way more fashionable. So say goodbye to those cotton joggers and t-shirts and hello to lux satins and silk.


Here we have this beautiful collection from a Toronto brand called  V.O.SHE which stands for Versions of She. This piece is from her Lola collection and comes in three colours. Now in Canada the weather gets extremely unpredictable. So when it does, you can throw on this custom V.O.SHE knitted cardigan or change one of the Lola tops for a knitted halter top.


Head scarves have traditionally been worn to keep hair or braids looking fresh for the next day. But this season, head scarves a huge trend and you can tie it in so many ways. First, the beautiful scarf braid.  It looks complicated but honestly, its not at all. You just tie it to a piece of your hair, braid it in and Voila! How stunning is this!

Now if the scarf braid isn’t your style, you can opt that for this beautiful custom twisted headband from Caffreyhorne made from Silk!


Now, for those of you who like to show skin without showing too much skin, you’re gonna love this next trend. Sheer fabrics are one of hottest trends this season. This piece is from Dubai and its the perfect summer piece. Yes its black which you think maybe too hot but it’s also sheer so it keeps cool. It has beautiful beaded detail all over it, pair it with a belt for a little figure.

Mini Bags

It is getting warmer and who really wants to walk around with a big ol’ bag. Time to downsize. Introducing the mini bucket bag from Gold the Label. It fits everything you could ever need during a summer outing.

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