4 DIYs That Add Life To Secondhand Toys

Unique and trendy DIYs to transform your outdoor toys!

The sun is shining; the temps are rising – it’s the perfect excuse to spend more time outside with the family. I personally love spending my time outdoors in the sun, and since my backyard is a space where I spend a lot of time, I want it to look nice. For me that includes jazzing up some of my daughter’s toys to fit my outdoor décor, but still have a kid friendly vibe to them. All of the toys below were secondhand toys we gave another life!

Wood Cottage

This cottage was purchased second hand and we wanted to refresh it with some paint so we added white and blue to the mix to make it pop.  Next we spray painted the windows and trimming black to give it a nice contrast.  We focused on making each part of the cottage something different to give kids maximum playtime.  One side we made it into a market.  We added some baskets and Fruits and veggies labels .  The next side we have some hanging planters and in the back it’s a takeout window/ restaurant.  Some simple little things to really bring it to the next level.

Ice Cream Cart 

Next, I found this ice cream cart for 40 dollars.  I changed the paint because I wanted it to have that ombré/ tie dye look.  I achieved this by bleeding the paint together.  Then I added a vinyl cut out to say so chill and there you have a cute little ice cream cart.


Kids Mud Kitchen 

To go with that ice cream, the kids can whip you up a delicious meal in this kids mud kitchen.  Originally I found this kitchen for 5 dollars.  It was missing the sink and was pretty plain.  I changed up the colour and spray painted the faucets and knobs to give it a nice clean look. I added some wood slabs and hooks to make it look outdoorsy and there you have it.  A simple outdoor mud kitchen.

Plastic Cottages

I wasn’t a fan of the original colours of these plastic cottages, so I spray painted both.  This one I transformed into a flower shop and this other one I just made into a cute little home. I also found these cute Muskoka chairs used online.  My intention was to repaint them but then I liked the way they looked so I decided not to change it up.


What do you think?