4 Types Of Gifts For Every Teacher

It's been a tough year for teachers - so, show your love with heartfelt gifts!

As the school year comes to a close, you may be thinking of how to thank your kids teachers for all the hard work they’ve put in – in a year that’s presented many challenges.  Here are some ideas that will tick off the boxes for most teachers!

Homemade card or video 

Last year we appreciated what teachers dealt with from March to June, and we were really grateful. But this year, our teachers have really been on a roller coaster ride and have shown resilience by being able to pivot back and forth between in-person and virtual learning.

After this year, teacher’s want to know that the kids, their students, appreciate them and value them. So try to take some time with your kids to make cards or a picture that you can send via email, or better yet shoot a short video of your child to send them.


I think we all need a little extra self care now, but teachers more so than ever before. Sending them some at home spa treats is a great was to say thank you and show them that you think they deserve to be pampered.

Epsom salts

We recommend beautiful Epsom salts and foaming bath from Dr. Teal’s Glow & Radiance line. Epsom salt soaks are amazing for tired muscles and can be used in different ways, as a foot soak or a body scrub. Personalize the gift even more by decanting into an apothecary bottle or putting the Epsom salts in a mason jar tied with twine and a sprig of flowers

Hand Cream

The Lemon Cream collection from J.R. Watkins, will have you thinking of lemonade! This line doesn’t test on animals and it is paraben and dye free. After all the hand washing this year, everyone needs hand cream! Dress up these goodies by tucking them into a little basket with a face cloth. And a basket is also something practical they can use after the hand cream is all used up!

Or if your teacher is more of a lavender person, Yardley London makes a great line of luxury Lavender lotions, soaps and shower products. This line is available at Shoppers Drug Mart.

Grazing boxes 

Grazing boxes are the latest trend in snackable gifts and their awesome variety is the best feature. Pictured below are ones from Graze Anatomy in a few different sizes, tbd, and themes. Basically, we’re going beyond a cheese or charcuterie board. And this is the type of gift you can purchase in advance and just provide an email address, for the teacher to arrange the delivery themselves.

For any of the gift ideas, you can order online, but even if your province is doing virtual learning, there is usually an opportunity to drop gifts at the office for when teachers come to do their end of year clean-up.


Everybody loves flowers! But what is special about the ones pictured below from Tonic Blooms, is that the styling is so unique and makes for gift that’s a little different. Tonic Blooms is known for this style of hand-tied bouquet known as the Farm Boy, which comes wrapped in denim.

If you’re good at arranging flowers, you could even try something like this yourself, with a beautiful piece of leftover fabric. Just be certain that the flower stems can drink and are in floral water tubes or at the very least wet paper towel in a plastic bag.

Plants are also super hot right now, and it’s nice to gift a teacher with something that will last. This could be kept at home or brought to their new classroom next September, and it’s in a very on-trend Terrazzo pot with a drainage tray. You can even pop a little card into the dirt on a pick!