A Guide To Stylishly Match With Your Mini Me

Dress like your mini me!

Do you ever see a pair of adorable kids leggings or a cute kid sized summer dress and think, I wish they made that for adults! Aside from the very cute factor of adult pieces in child sizes, there is something sweet and bonding about dressing like your child.

The matching look shows a clear reflection of their love for their parent.  In my case, my daughter has never wanted to dress like me – its very funny but I know I’m well loved and respected, it’s just not her style or personality

Look #1: 

Our first mommy and mini are such a cute duo! Penelope is 6 and very excited to dress like her mom, Merissa. But you’ll notice the dresses are fitting for each age. Old Navy has done very well by creating pieces from the same fabrics but allows the unique piece to be more reflective of the age. Meaning the adult isn’t wearing the overly ruffled piece that is more appropriate of someone Penelope’s age. Matching also doesn’t mean to be the exact same. I picked the same shoe but in different colours as always accessories can make the outfit sing with individuality. Children really love to do this but the slight tweak makes it flattering for all!

Old Navy dresses, sandals
Ai Seoul, accessories

Look #2:

Or maybe it’s that you want to dress like her! Here we have Debbie (mom) and Natasha (adult daughter) who has likes in their fashion but they style their pieces completely unique to each of them. I know for a fact that one piece of clothing goes back and forth between their two houses – these lovely ladies are my neighbours!  But when I see them in their pieces they are perfectly styled to their own styles.

I picked the ever-popular jumpsuit that has been the hero piece during quarantine style.  Then I embraced and enhanced their own personalities with what else we paired these jumpsuits with.

Natasha is a busy mom with multiple businesses on the go! She wants to be chic but comfortable as she runs through her day. Super fun casual shoes with a pop of colour fit this requirement. A light fluid jacket gives the edge fitting for business meetings.  A casual bright bag keeps everything in one place and her hands free! A scarf on the handle adds colour and print!

While Debbie’s going to be most comfortable in an elegant ensemble.  Accessories elevate the jumpsuit so I’ve layered up gold necklaces – no little grabbing hands to worry about.  A block heel sandal in a punchy colour fits perfectly.

Ai Seoul, Accessories

Look #3:

Not just for Moms and Daughters! My son Conall is dressed in shorts and a white linen button down – the same pieces I’m wearing but we both still look like us! There are many pieces out there that are gender neutral. In fact, we both look completely comfortable and unique with similarities. We both look great – in my humble opinion – yet, it works for each of us. The same pieces styled differently is how this becomes a success. Our tan shorts and white linen shirt ground the matching looks but I’ve wrapped my linen shirt and Conall’s is fittingly disheveled. He wears the ever present white sneaker and I’m appropriately “Janice” in some heels. Another perfect topper for both of us – a straw fedora! Kind of twinning.

Ai Seoul, Accessories 

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