7 Home Décor Concrete Trends Right Now

The latest in design trends: concrete everything!

I have been seeing cement show up in all kinds of interior applications from floor and wall finishes and tiles to planters, and bathroom accessories-cement seems to be the material of the moment. Designers love its raw organic appeal -it often has air bubbles and bumps bringing a unique quality to every piece. It has a purity and loads of texture that lends it a tactile quality. It’s simple and modern – but weighty, grounded and organic at the same time. And inspired by of the moment designs in Mexico and other exotic locals

Here is a round up of items made from cement from big to small to showcase some great moments using this material and how to use them.

Wall Tiles  

These tiles are from eir Home, who create an array gorgeous pieces made from lightweight cement in exotic cut out patterns and textures.  These ones are called the Vida tiles, which are made using state of the art CNC 3D printing technology – that creates these deep cuts for a highly texture effect.

Even thought they are cement, they are actually lighter than porcelain tiles. They are Installed with a tile adhesive – no grout necessary. So, you get a nice clean joint between the tiles.

They come in a variety of different textures and colours and they can be colour matched to any of your favorite Benjamin Moore paint colors so you can seamlessly work them into your decorating scheme. These tiles really bring an exotic hit to a home that turns boring drywall into a feature wall

Console Table 

This console table from Home Societé. The table top – like on this tv console – which can also work as a console or front hall table is durable, hard wearing, and sealed for protection. It lends a sense of groundedness to furniture – whether its on a console like this or a coffee table.


There are two different types of lamps

The one on the right is from Cocoon furnishing and is totally elemental and weighty. The lamp on the left is from Urban barn and is more elegant – aired with some brass accents. You know that a cement lamp is not going to topple off a table. Nice and solid And its cool to see how this material can go in different directions


These desk accessories from cb2 (tray, catch all, and cup) are weighty and stay on your desk and they double as a paperweight! Lovely honed finish that makes them great to touch and they’re even stackable.

Hardware accents 

This trend is even showing up in hardware- a nice alternative to the usual metals like chrome and brass. These cabinet knobs and hooks are from Casson hardware and come in a variety of colours from ivory to black and different shades of grey. The hooks come in 3 sizes.

Indoor/Outdoor items 

These small side tables are great for outdoor as well as indoor use. You can sit on them just as comfortably beside a sofa for a laid back luxe look or outside next to the outdoor sofa or chair. Weighty and durable, but they can also be left outside all year.