Your Summer Deck Makeover Essentials

Breathe new life into your deck.

Summer is the time to enjoy our outdoor spaces but it’s also the time to do upkeep and tackle outdoor projects, like the deck!

The Colour Palette 

Mesa Verde Tan was the winner in a semi-transparent stain for the deck floor boards. I wanted to warm up the space and minimize the contrast to the pale brick plus the deck gets a ton of sunlight so this pale, warm tone won’t heat up too much remaining comfortable underfoot AND it will be a little more fade resistant.

I really love to create more interest on the surfaces by mixing up stain colours and opacities, so for contrast I chose Fairview Taupe in a solid stain for the privacy fence…and by wrapping it onto the lattice, it gives this corner a more cozy feel and helps to delineate the dining area!

This area only had the one lattice by the side of the door – I added a lattice to the other side which really helped to tone down all the brick in the back of the house. In addition cedar planter boxes,  stained in the same colour, were added under the lattice.  By adding the planter box, we can add a clematis that will eventually grow and soften up this space as well.

The Furniture Layout 

The goal was to create a cozy outdoor living space for my sister and her husband to enjoy.  It is quite a big space (400 sq.ft deck) so lots of great space to give them areas -for dining, lounging and cooking! But, we needed some more furniture to complete the look, without breaking the bank.

Dining Area 

I was able to find some beautiful and affordably priced solutions at IKEA! For the dining area, I kept the existing table, cause there was nothing wrong with it but switched out the chairs for these beautiful and super comfy BONDHOLMEN chairs. These chairs almost create an interior feel. Adding plants and some tall palms in the  RÅGKORN planters create more privacy and coziness.

Also, a lot of people want outdoor lighting but a lot of homes don’t have an exterior outlet so the SOLVINDEN solar string lights are a great solution for older homes. To light up the table, I went with an indoor/outdoor lantern, BORRBY.

Lounge Area 

This area is grounded with a black and white area outdoor rug, SKARRILD. The SKARPÖ chairs are kid friendly; add a touch of modern to the new lounge zone. The BONDHOLMEN bench is a great companion as it creates conversation area but is multifunctional and can be pulled over to the dining area when more seating is needed for 6!

Cooking Area 

This area was grounded by a plastic rug, to protect the deck from any spills. A simple acacia wood storage shelf is the perfect height to place beside the BBQ in the cooking zone for essential tools & dishes.

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