How To Pull Off 4 Of Summer 2021's Hottest Makeup Trends

Achieve the looks with ease.

Trend #1: Graphic Eyeliner

The first trend is colour graphic eyeliner; it’s beautiful, bright and bold. After this lockdown, that’s exactly what we need! A lot of us are still wearing our face masks, which means that the focus is on the eyes.

There are a lot of modern spins on this look. This first look is best if you do not have as much experience using eyeliner. Take a bold pencil colour and line the top lash line, layer more colours on top of the line to create a rainbow effect.

If you do have more eyeliner experience, this next look is perfect. Instead of a pencil liner, use a bold liquid eyeliner colour to line the top lash line. Create a line over the crease of your eye and attach it to the wing on your upper lash. The point is to have fun!

Trend #2: Brush-Up Brows 

We’re seeing this trend a lot this season. It’s possibly due to the fact that a lot of us have not had the ability to get our eyebrows done, therefore we are left with some full brows! This is a great new feature to emphasize, and also gives your eyes a lift too!

Via: Ipsy

A great technique to get full brows is using the ‘soap’ technique for an extra laminated look. Simply wet a spoolie brush, with either water or setting spray, take a soap bar and coat the spoolie with soap. Apply this onto the brows by starting on the opposite side, going against the hair grain. Next, use a windshield wiping motion, this time going with the hair grain, and brush the hair upwards. Instant full brows!

Since you’re leaving it on your face, you should be careful when choosing a soap to use. Don’t use just any old soap lying around!

Try: Moisturizing soaps that contain ingredients like glycerin, ones that are PH-balanced and ones that are transparent (so it doesn’t leave white film on your eyebrows). Or you can try a soap brow kit.

Avoid: Soaps that are super drying and highly fragranced, so they don’t irritate your skin.

If you don’t want to use soap, you can use any type of makeup eye gel!

Trend #3: Sunkissed Glow 

This is a healthy, lit-from-within type of look. Everybody wants to have a little bit of that golden, goddess glow- but that UV damage is not the greatest!

Via: Makeup

To start, use some bronzer (either liquid or powder, whatever your preference is) and apply to the face. Apply bronzer onto your cheekbones and around the face, wherever the sun kisses you. Next to add some “glow” use highlighter (whatever highlighter medium you prefer) and apply right on the top of the cheekbones and the temple, remember to blend.

Trend #4: Glossy Lips

Glosses have made a huge come back since 2002 and have changed a lot over the last decades from overly sticky to super hydrating and high shine. Lip gloss grew up, and so did we! They are completed re-formulated, pick from sheer colours to high pigmented hues.

Via: Allure

We’re headed into a summer humid summer, so remember to choose lip glosses that also have hydrating qualities to them.