This Bright Makeup Guide Will Become Your BFF This Summer

#VaxxedGirlSummer is all about bright colours and pretty pastels!

Summer makeup is all about colour, whether bold and bright or pretty pastels – just add some colour (on a budget)!

Lip Colour 

So let’s start with the lips. Lips are a great place to go bright. The brighter the colour the better the colour, okay? Bright reds, bright pinks and particularly bright oranges are in season. The Revlon Colour Stay Stain Ink Lip colours are an amazing line for bright and bold looks. These lip colours deliver full coverage with a satin sheen with just one coat! These feature have a non-drying formula that contains Revlon’s exclusive concentrate and Flexible Film technology, that allows the colour to move with your lips- and not away from them!


To balance this bold colour, we need some pastels. Summertime nails are all about pastel colours. The imPress Nails Summer Collection has a great line of high-quality pastel colours. These are new solid colours with no bling or accents and come in many popular on-trend hues. Pictured below are Baby Why So Blue and Peevish Pink. These nails are patented with super-hold adhesive, so there’s no messy glue required! Each pack comes with 30 different sizes to choose, we love size-inclusive nails! Get a perfectly manicured hand, with very little effort- perfect pandemic nail wear.



Pastels can be for the eyes too and can be very bright depending on your application. You don’t have to go for the graphic look, but rather do something more simple. For a softer more pastel look, try the NYX Epic Wear Liner Sticks! Go for a light pop-of-colour even at your workplace, so wearable and fun.


For a bold and bright eyeliner look, try the NYX Cosmetics Epic Wear Metallic Liquid Liner. These liners are semi-permanent liquid eyeliners available in six different metallic shades. This will give you 36 hours of wear with no cracking, no fading and no bleeding. Be the star of the show wherever you go!