3 Stylist Hacks For A Flawless Hairline

Our hairline is as unique as we are.

Hairline before and after following Michelle’s tips and tricks.

Grooming and filling in your hairline is no different than grooming and filling in your brows! The hairline is the frame to the face, so shaping and filling it in is more common than you think – and it’s what celebrity stylists have been doing for years!

Source: Elle, Getty Images 

The most common opportunity to groom and perfect your hairline is when wearing hair up and away in a tight pony, scalp braids or any other up style – to even out thin areas, create the illusion of fullness and even contour the face shape. But also, for hair down styles the biggest struggle can be not enough length or fullness in the front for the style you want due to a fine or weak hairline.

Hack #1 – Use Matte Eye Shadow or Brow Powder

For updos – use matte eye shadow or brow powder (also helps contour the face shape and forehead!) This hack is great for when your hair is pulled back tight in a pony or updo, and is a known hack done in professional photoshoots all the time!

Hack #2 – Use a Brow Pencil 

Another option for updos – use brow pencil to create individual hairs. Great for tight braids or more individual strands of hair.

Hack #3 – Use Clip-In Extensions

Fill in hair down – use clip in extensions for fullness to rock any style! Great for the lob or bob you just did not have the fullness for.

Expert Tip: Protect those hairs! They are just babies! Be gentle and limit exposure to hot tools, pulling, pinning brushing, bleaching and coloring. Use a densifying scalp spray, like the ALTERNA Clinical Densifying Scalp Treatment, to bring nutrients to the root bulb and help these fragile hairs stay strong.