The 4 Hottest Nail Trends For Fall 2021

Hit the nail on the head with these trends.

With fall around the corner, here are 4 of the year’s biggest nail trends that you will be seeing everywhere.

Trend #1 Press-On Nails

High-quality press on nails that are easy to apply yourself.

Trend #2 Alternating Shades

Taking one colour and wearing different shades of it on each nail (earthy tones work great for fall).

Nail Inspo: @sherlinanym, @lolo.nailedit, @disseynails, @sherlinanym

Trend #3 Wavy Abstract Nails

Retro swirly nails that are a nod to the 60s and 70s.

Nail Inspo: @disseynails, @amaka.hamelijnck, @disseynails, @nails.bab

Trend #4 The New French Tip 

The “new” French tip comes in a variety of colours and shapes.

Nail Inspo: @amaka.hamelijnck, @disseynails, @heluviee, @selah_rest

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