Meet This Year's Biggest Fashion Secret: Velcro

Vel-yes to velcro!

Can you keep a secret? Specifically, a FASHION secret. There is a big secret the fashion world has been keeping from us… VELCRO.

Velcro is not only inexpensive, but it is washable, strong, works well on all materials, and is sustainable. Velcro comes in two strips with an easy-to-apply peel-and-stick fastener. The best part is there is no gluing, ironing, or sewing required to apply it. You can buy velcro from any craft store, I got mine from Michaels and it retails for $8.99.

Instead of buying a new belt, or spending money tailoring jeans, use my 4 velcro hacks next time you are in need of a clothing adjustment.

Hack 1: Long Belt 

When I wear a belt I have this extra part that looks awkward and bulky. I call it floppy belt syndrome, and I don’t want anyone to deal with that.

To fix this, I cut a 3-inch piece of velcro tape and put the sticky side on the inside of the belt, and then just aligned it on top of the belt. No sewing is required and it looks so clean and tidy!

Hack 2: Jeans

For denim or any pair of pants, velcro is a great option to adjust the length of your jeans. Here I have a pair of wide-leg jeans that I am going to use to create a statement cuff for when I wear flat shoes.

I’ve used velcro tape to secure the hem on both sides to make sure that it doesn’t fall out when I’m walking.

A statement cuff is not for everyone. Alternatively, you can fold the bottom of the jeans inside and do a no-sew hem with the velcro tape on the inside.

Hack 3: Hat Band Switch Up 

Sometimes I look at hats and I love everything except for the band. The band is usually lightly sewn or glued, making it easy to take off with scissors or a tug.

Here I used some animal print ribbon tape that I found at the local craft store to replace the band. I put the velcro tape at the front and on the sides and stuck the ribbon on top.

One of the benefits of using velcro is that you can upcycle and revamp stylish pieces as I’m doing here.

Hack 4: Jacket Lapel Elevation

To elevate and add some interest to my fall coat, I am popping this faux fur collar on the lapel. To avoid it falling off in the wind I used velcro to secure it on either side of the jacket.

You can use this hack with anything that has a lapel to add multipurpose use to your fall coat!