5 Exercises To Strengthen Your Knee Without Causing Pain

Do you have knee pain? Read on.

Knee Pain Symptoms can occur to people of all ages (not just the older) and the most common causes of knee pain are related to injury, age, or repeated stress on the knee. Many types of minor knee pain respond well to self-care measures and knee strengthening.

Doing things like squats and lunges can aggravate your knee pain. It can get frustrating because you want to strengthen your knee but don’t know what exercises to do. The important thing is to strengthen the muscles around the knee joint (the quads, the hamstring, and the hips). It’s also important to look at your hips and ankles joints as well. If they are tight and weak it will affect your knee. There are ways you can strengthen your knee without any pain.

Here are 5 knee-friendly exercises that you can start doing today!

1. Isometric contraction of the knee

This doesn’t look like much, but it’s about firing the quad muscles and learning to establish a mind miscue connection. Do 3 sets of 10 and hold for 3 seconds.

2. Hip flexion

lift the leg from the hip while the quad is contracted, keep the leg straight. Do 2 sets of 10.

3. Short arch knee extension

Use a towel or foam roller.

4. Bridge

Straighten the hamstrings and squeeze the glute.

5. Hip side raise

Strengthen the abductor, do it on both sides.

Do all of these exercises 3-4 times a week to see improvements.

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