6 Tips for Creating the Perfect Thanksgiving Ambiance 

Spice up your Thanksgiving décor with what you already have at home!

For a lot of us, this will be one of the first time seeing family in a very long time. Ease back into the holidays by embracing simple, yet entertaining holiday decor.

6 Tips for Creating the Perfect Thanksgiving Ambiance 

1. Keep the table simple

It is hard to find many items now, so use what you have and sprinkle in some holiday flare. Shop your home. These black and white floral bowls don’t look like traditional thanksgiving but pair them with a plate like these pretty orange ones and it becomes seasonal. The napkins and keep the tone of the table along the same lines and the whole look comes together.

2. For your centrepiece, keep things heavy for outdoor dining

This will come in handy so they don’t blow away if a breeze comes up. As well, It’s a perfect time to hit your farmer’s market for the little pumpkins, wreaths, greens, etc. They are super cute and don’t break the bank.

3. Use battery candles to get your glow. The real flames would mostly likely blow out. 

4. Move your outdoor heater closer to the table!

This Lowe’s radiant heaters also give amazing ambiance with the large flame (because of the unique glass cylinder) it heats up to 300 sq ft.

5. Consider outsourcing some of the food

Potluck, semi-homemade or order the whole thing! There are a lot of restaurants, hotels and even grocery stores that will make part of or the entire meal for you.

6. Serve the food in cast iron cookware to stay warm

Cast iron is amazing at holding heat and it will keep your food warm longer. Think outside the box, you can use your teapot for your gravy! It also means fewer dishes! Serve it in what you cooked it in.

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