5 Easy and Comfortable Costumes for Your Dog This Halloween

Happy Howl-o-ween!

For any devoted dog parents out there this fashion show is for you!

First Look: Ozzienstein

We are starting off with Ozzie, who is a 5-year old Golden Doodle, sporting one of our ready-to-wear looks supplied by PetSmart. Ozzie is Frankenstein, a classic Halloween monster. What I love about this is that it is size inclusive and comfortable for Ozzie.

Second Look: Sheena the Sassy Witch

Sheena had many demands and we provided them. Here is Shenna as a Boss Bitch Witch! Sheena is a mixed breed 4-year-old princess. This is another ready-to-wear look from PetSmart, perfect for that sassy four-legged girl in your life. This costume is easy and comfortable.

Third Look: Ling the Grumpy Carebear

Ling is a Blue Heeler and is wearing everyone’s favourite Grumpy Carebear. This costume is a ready-to-wear look from PetSmart that is soft, cute, and great for the kids to match with.

Fourth Look: Franki the Magician

Franki is a 7-year-old Deer Head Chihuahua wearing this amazing look. Franki is wearing a magician ruffle shirt and tux from Ruff Stitched. This costume is one piece even though it looks like two! Smaller dogs can be harder to dress off the rack. Sometimes it is good to have a custom outfit, especially for an occasion. Make sure your pup is fully grown before you go spend the money and time making a custom outfit.

Fifth Look: Lucky the Farmer

Lucky is a 2-year-old Shih-Poo wearing the final look, “the Farmer” with jeans and overalls. This costume is custom from Ruff Stitched and is purrfect for smaller dogs.

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