How To Properly Care For Red Coloured Hair

Give your red hair love and care!

Red hair, the hardest to get – and the hardest to get rid of when you’re over it! Here’s how to properly care for your mane.

Types of Red:

There are two types of red. Copper or warm reds and blue-based or cool reds. Copper or warm reds are very natural reds. Think Jessica Chastain, Jillian Moore or Canadian model Stacey McKenzie.

Blue reds make lighter skin look dead. Think goth.

Olive and darker toned skin for the most part looks better in the blue-based reds. The warm tones pull too much yellow from the skin when your skin is darker.

How to take care of red-coloured hair:

Do not over wash. You’ll watch the colour fade before your very eyes. Shampoo for colour-treated hair is a must. There are conditioners on the market with colour in them to help keep the colour from fading. Even if you think your hair doesn’t need a conditioner, colour-protectant conditioners like this one by SACHAJUAN are designed to lock the colour in. It won’t weigh your roots down or make your hair greasy, and it is ultimately to protect your colour.

Hair products now also come with colour in them which is great to maintain colour. This Nutri-Color 3 in 1 Cocktail by Revlon comes in all the copper-red colours and blue shades. Use this product once a week right when you start washing your hair after you have coloured it.

In terms of getting your hair re-coloured, it is best to do it in the 4-6 week period. You can also ask your stylist to make you a gloss that you can bring home and re-fresh your hair yourself with.

Using heated tools:

Turn down the heat. Hot irons will fade the colour dramatically. Don’t wait until the colour has faded to redo or touch up. Red is one of the few colours that’s better when there’s a little overlap. Every texture has a sweet spot for the temperature to curl or straighten and it’s about 365-375 degrees. You don’t need to increase it to 400 degrees.

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