5 Cute and Cozy Winter Jackets Trending Right Now

You can never have too many coats!

#1 Structured coats for a work look

  • I love that this coat from a brand named My Coat is Blue which is Canadian is a Black-Woman-owned business!
  • The coats are produced upon order, which eliminates any overstock and made to order right here in Toronto, keeping it local and of course a low-carbon advantage.
  • When you wear this coat, you don’t really need to wear anything else.
  • You can put it over a pair of jeans and look like you walked off a magazine, over a pencil coat, anything you’ll look like a million bucks!

#2 Faux fur coats for drinks on the outdoor patio

  • White faux fur coat fromWinners
  • Grey sweater, black jumpsuit, black chunky boots, grey ear muffs, and preloved Mitts
  • Faux fur is really in trend this season, I feel like we typically style it for a night out, but I love wearing it for a casual look.
  • Heading for drinks on an outdoor patio? Reach for your faux/fur coat
  • Faux is always in trend
  • Post pandemic vibe, elevating your casual look with a luxe piece


#3 Plaid coat for a party look

  • Embrace the plaid pattern and have some fun.
  • For this look, I have a blue plaid long coat styled with plaid heels and a party dress.
  • Sometimes plaid can feel conservative, thinking school uniforms, I think of my uncle John in his plaid pants at Christmas, very traditional.
  • Very light red detail in the coat picks up on the red detail in the shoes.

The coat is from Marshalls

#4 Puffer coats for a sporty look

  • Blank Verse puffer green coat
  • I love this particular one, from a BIPOC owned Canadian company, and they’re made of post-consumer waste and all their pieces are unisex which cuts down on production.
  • I’ve paired it with an H&M Sport Teddy coat which is also made from post-consumer waste
  • The red mitts are from Soia & Kyo


#5 Monochromatic outfits with bright coats for a fun day out

  • If you are going to get a coat this season go for colour!
  • This coat is a Sentaler coat and I absolutely love this blue colour
  • When styling this coat make sure to find blue pieces that match the same blue colour to pull the look together, I used a blue fuzzy sweater and patterned skirt from Winners.