A Gift Guide For The DIY Enthusiast

Gifts your loved ones will love to do themselves!

The Holidays are just around the corner, so the countdown for finding the perfect gifts has begun! In this gift guide, you’ll find the extra flare and dazzle to gift to the DIY enthusiast in your life.

1. For the Inner Child 

Colouring books have been proven to ease anxiety and improve mental health. This colouring book is awesome because it comes with plenty of animals to draw and has drink recipes to try at home!

This lip balm-making kit is the perfect DIY project and ideal for the cold, winter season.

Lip Balm Making Kit

This bath bomb kit makes 8 bath bombs and has great smelling organic ingredients.

Who doesn’t love candles? This DIY candle kit allows you to create your own scented candles which can even make create individual gifts for the holidays.

2. For the Foodie

This hot sauce DIY kit will have your taste buds blazing and your food tasting amazing. It’s perfect for the DIY enthusiast that loves spices and cooking!

Hot Sauce DIY Kit

Drinks, anyone? This Margarita Mixer kit will spice up your drinks!

Margarita Mixer

Curious about how to make wine? This Wineology kit is perfect for crafting red wine from scratch!

3. For the nature lover 

Beeswax food wraps have become loved by many as a way to reduce plastic and waste. This DIY beeswax food wraps kit allows you to create four wraps in two different sizes using two fun prints.

A herb garden is a great way for nature lovers to grow specialty herbs in the winter if they don’t have a greenhouse. This Smart Garden can grow up to 9 different plants and comes with everything they need to start growing!

On the topic of indoor gardens, if they love tea this indoor growing set to grow tea herbs will be perfect! It comes with a complete set including four packets of seeds and instructions on how to turn the herbs into tea. Such a great unique gift idea!

4. For the craft master

We love aesthetic art and this DIY string art kit is easy to do and will brighten up any space.

For a sentimental DIY gift this DIY family wood plaque is perfect for remembering important dates and birthdays.


This bracelet box kit is such a good gift idea for jewelry lovers allowing them to create their own bracelets and express their creativity.

For couples, this DIY hand casting kit is a cute DIY to do together, or it can be used to be made into a hand to hold rings and bracelets.

Another fun DIY is a scrapbook photo album kit that allows you to create your own personalized scrapbook!


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