7 Amazing Hacks To Prevent And Cure Holiday Hangovers

We've all been there ... now here's how to get out of it!

We’re making up for lost time this holiday season and maybe… we accidentally drink a bit more than we should. If you need a quick fix for the dreaded hangover, fear not!

1. Indulge Responsibly 

Pure Wine wands

Often wine drinkers get headaches after they enjoy their glasses or bottles of wine and you assume this is a typical hangover when actually it could be that you’ve actually got some allergies!

These Pure Wine wands are wine purifiers that are said to eliminate wine headaches-wine allergies-hangovers by acting as a filter that eliminates some of the common particles in wine that might trigger allergies for some wine drinkers. Just pop this wand into your drink, swirl it around, and it filters out some of the bits that might cause your headache.

Muse Meditation Headband

Another way to prepare in advance is to use the Muse Meditation Headband. This is a Toronto- made meditation and sleep support headband. It’s wild- it uses technology to sense when you wake up at night and then delivers something called a “digital sleeping pill” to get you back to sleep so it’s easier to fall asleep and stay asleep, be well-rested, and includes guided sleep meditation.

If you use this headband beforehand, your mind and body are in a better position to handle that potential hangover or even work to ensure it’s not as bad a hangover as it could be.

2. Remedies for Hangovers

Blended For You

When you drink too much, there are remedy beverages in the AM! Don’t go to the drive-thru. Instead indulge in something with the vitamins you need to recover.

Blended For You is a Canadian smoothie subscription service that currently delivers to Alberta, B.C., Ontario, and Montreal & Quebec City. Direct to your door delivery of nutritious, ready-to-blend or eat frozen smoothies that are also gluten-free, plant-based and all-natural.

They’ve got a bunch of different smoothie types including this one called THE AFTER PARTY, designed to help with mental and physical recovery whether you had a big athletic evening, are feeling a bit sick, or maybe partied a bit too hard.

Jolene’s Tea House 

Another drink to help you after the holiday party, these detox-focused teas from Banff, Alberta-based Jolene’s Tea House. This is a Daily Detox tea that’s sweet and spicy and highly recommended pre or post-party.

They’ve actually got a few different tea blends that are designed to help you feel better from their Immune-tea which is like a full-body tonic, to Well Throat, a blend of herbs that soothe dry scratchy or strained throats, and a Sleep Well, take this right before bed to help with digestion. Jolene’s ships worldwide.

Motivational Water Bottle 

The theme here for tackling hangovers is ensuring you’re well hydrated. You want to drink a lot of water post-party—and in general. A ton of celebrities are being spotted with these massive water bottles with these motivating measurements to encourage you to keep on drinking.

Find massive bottles in local stores or shop online and drink a lot of water, in a hangover scenario water helps replenish lost fluids from your night.

Pedialyte freezer pops

Speaking of replenishing lost fluids or getting electrolytes in you, these Pedia-lyte freezer pops are amazing! You can have them as freezies, make it into a drink or a fun slush, and they’re actually the #1 doctor and pharmacist-recommended rehydration solution in Canada.

Perfect for really any scenario where you might be feeling dehydrated, and has 6x less sugar than some popular sports drinks or juices. Sometimes water isn’t enough—so something like these freezies are a fun and easy way to hydrate and possibly help out after your holiday party.

3. Beauty Hacks for Hangovers

There’s this Canadian face mask you could use post-party called First Aid Anti Hangover Mask. It’s from Nature Collection and uses chamomile to calm and relieve sensitive, stressed skin after a long night in or out. It’s recommenced you use it a few times a week so it would be nice for some hangover prevention in that way as well.

One last thing—if you’re planning a holiday get together, it might be a fun idea to order or DIY make something called “hangover kits” for your guests too—these are pretty popular online and include things like Advil or gum, eye drops, mouth wash, tums and water.

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