How To Improve Your Etiquette And Handle Holiday Parties Like A Pro

All your burning etiquette questions answered!

The Holidays are upon us, so here are 4 burning holiday etiquette questions answered!

Question 1: What is the best way to divide holiday time with your kids after divorce?

First of all, we want to adhere to the court agreement. If there’s none in place, think about what you want to do for yourself. A lot of moms don’t think about themselves this holiday season, so envision that— what do you want to do? As well, think about what makes more sense for your children.

Question 2: How do you settle and handle family disputes over vaccines this holiday season?

This has become a polarizing discussion. Especially with our families, so sometimes the best solution is to agree to disagree. With that being said, you still want to have a discussion on boundaries. For example, what you’re comfortable with and what works best for you. Think about a compromise, whether that’s through Zoom, outdoor gatherings, etc.

Question 3: How do you set boundaries with family who like to comment on your weight and appearance at holiday gatherings?

Prepare to be taken off-guard. Rehearse how you are going to respond and what you’re going to say. Get ahead of the discussion and plan how you’re going to respond.

Question 4: How to handle the unrealistic expectations of relatives who want your children to just sit and be quiet at holiday gatherings?

Plan activities for your kids, keep them occupied with fun activities. Have a conversation with your kids about boundaries and even the host about creating a kid-friendly space.