3 Unique And Gorgeous Ways To Wrap Gifts

Gift wrapping season is upon us!

The only thing I love more than shopping for meaningful gifts is wrapping them! I’ve got three ways to make every gift *almost* too pretty to open!

1. Wax Seals

I have become obsessed with wax seals so I thought it would be pretty to wrap a gift like an envelope and then seal it with a holiday-themed seal.

Step 1: First, cut the paper to size. I am using this stunning paper from Minted,  fold and tape in place as you go, and then it’s time to seal it!

I found this stunning Canadian company based in BC called Artisaire. They have everything you need to create wax seals the traditional way.

Step 2:You have two options for heating the wax. I went with using a glue gun, but you can also heat wax beads in this spoon as well. Heat it on low heat and spread in a larger shape than the seal.

Step 3: Then press the seal in place to create the design.

Tip: If you want the look with less effort, Artisaire also has these premade seals to stick in place in a selection of colours and designs.


2. Wrapping Becomes the Bag

I am not a fan of store-bought gift bags but I do like making them from the paper you may have around the house. This is great for gifts that are an unusual shape, or mini ones for gift cards.

To make one:

Step 1: Measure the paper around the item to make sure it’s big enough, fold across, fold up the bottom.

Step 2: Fold the bottom to close it and tape it in place, pop item in, fold down the top.

Step 3: Use a hole punch to add holes, add ribbon and tie in a bow.

3. Japanese Style of Wrapping

We are ending on the easiest (but still very pretty) idea: using Furoshiki. The Japanese style of wrapping uses square pieces of fabric.

For this, all you do is:

  • Take a piece of fabric and tie it around the box.
  • Add embellishments like greenery.

This is great with holiday-themed fabrics, a rich velvet, or a really pretty tea towel.